£20 Full Face Makeup Challenge

When I first heard about this challenge testing the budgeting skills of any beauty lover, I thought it would be easy since most of my makeup is drugstore. I soon realised that I would be forced to make cutbacks in my beauty routine and ended up using 6 purse-friendly products to complete the challenge.

Here’s how I did:

Products used:

Total cost: £19.30

2017-08-19 22.07.39

The Jordana product is a new one I’m testing out and I’m not sure if I like it yet but it’s the cheapest base product I own.

I chose the MUR palette as it has a lot of multi-purpose shades that I used as bronze, highlight, blush and eyes.

Essence are a budget brand I’ve raved about plenty of times here in my Essence cosmetics haul and in my post on budget beauty buys. Naturally, their products had to make an appearance in a post all about bargain beauty and I finished my eyes with a nude eye pencil and the amazing £2.80 mascara.

I finished with the stunning MUA lipstick. This £1 lipstick was the first product I thought of when I first saw the idea for this challenge so I couldn’t go with anything else!

What I missed

So I think I did okay but obviously there were products from my usual routine that I couldn’t ‘afford’

I skipped all priming and setting products including powder, shadow primer and brow gel, which I normally use.

I also missed concealer. The Jordana base product was supposed to be a 2-in-1 but I would have liked a little more coverage!

What products would you leave out? x

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