First Ever ColourPop Haul!

ColourPop is a brand I’ve wanted to try forever but is currently not available in the UK, so the only option is to order from their website and pay the dreaded customs fee.


My order came to $53.40 which works out at around £41 but the customs charge for me was almost £20 so in total I got 11 items for about £60.


I was most excited to try their Super Shock shadows- of which I got 5 in total. A single shadow in the shade kathleenlights and the studio 1400 quad.


The texture of the shadows is unlike anything else I’ve tried before- really bouncy and somewhere between a cream and a powder but, once I got the hang of applying them, they are super pigmented and long lasting.


I also picked up 3 of their pressed shadows to add to my Z Palette (I did a makeup look using the colours here in my birthday makeup post)


I got the shades Pebbles- a deep pink shade, Paper Tiger- a mustard yellow and High Strung- a shimmery bronze. I’ve been loving using these colours so far!


Now for the lip products- I’ve heard great things about their liquid lipsticks and picked up 3- an ultra matte in Bumble, ultra satin Lyin King and ultra satin Bare Necessities. I’m not sure if these are the best colours for me personally but I adore the formula of both the matte and satin finishes.


I also grabbed one of their lippie stix and the matching lip pencil in the shade Aquarius. Again, the colour is not my favourite but I don’t have anything like this in my collection.


I did also get one of their eyeliners but unfortunately I received the wrong shade! I still like the one I got but it’s more of a bronzey brown that I already have in my collection so quite disappointed.

Now for the swatches!

Super Shock L-R: kathleenlights, Donna, Static, White Rabbit, 8 Track
ColourPop Pressed shadow swatches
Pressed shadows: High Strung, Pebbles, Paper Tiger
L-R: Over Board (eyeliner), Aquarius pencil, Aquarius lippie stix, Bare Necessities, Bumble, Lyin King

Overall, I’m really happy with the quality of everything I got. I just wish there was a ColourPop supplier in the UK! x


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