Halloween Makeup Essentials

Literally as soon as it was October, I was ready to turn my blog into Halloween central! It’s probably still technically a little bit early but I have so much planned, starting with my top essentials for perfect Halloween and costume makeup!

Halloween makeup

First up, let’s talk palettes. The ones I’ve chosen are both by Makeup Revolution- the Midnight Unicorn palette, which is full of glittery, dark and colourful shades to create any spooky look and the Soph palette, which might seem an unusual choice but it has those orange-toned shades just right if you’re not looking for anything too dramatic.

Next has to be face paint! My favourites are by Snazaroo if you only need a couple of colours but the small face paint sticks I have are from Primark.

Third is all about getting the best from SFX makeup. I haven’t tried these yet but I have Liquid Latex and Fake Blood from Freedom. I picked them up on sale but they still only retail for £2 each! I also like Spirit Gum for applying prosthetics or anything you like to your skin!

Halloween is that time of year when you can get away with a lip colour that’s a touch too bold to wear when you’re just out walking the dog. I recently got this lilac Makeup Revolution Lip Lacquer that falls into the unwearable category for me. Even if you’re not planning on doing full spooky makeup, a bold lip will certainly give you that Halloween look.

Still on lips, I also picked the MUA Lip Transformer. I rarely remember to use this product but if you don’t have the right lipstick shade for your costume, this can lighten or darken your shade so it’s perfect!

I also grabbed these Ardell Wispies Lashes to show you. I’m awful at applying them and basically never wear lashes but Halloween is definitely the time to try!

Lastly, glitter! I feel like I don’t need a reason to incorporate glitter into my makeup but any time I can add some sparkle, I make sure I do!

What Halloween content would you like to see on my blog? x

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