Juvia’s Place Masquerade Palette Review…Worth the Hype?

Juvia's Place Palette Review

Hi all! I thought I’d review the ultra-hyped Juvia’s Place Masquerade palette for you! Just to note, I own the mini version, which is available on Beauty Bay in the UK for £30. At the time of writing, only the larger size is available priced at £35. Personally, I didn’t think I needed the bigger size since I never hit pan on eyeshadows but if you use these colours a lot, it’s probably worth the extra money.


The palette comes in standard cardboard packaging which I think will get messy easily but the colours and the design on the front is really pretty.


Inside, you get 16 stunning shades in a mixture of mattes and shimmers. What I love about this colour selection is that I can use every shade. The vibrant colours on the top two rows make beautiful special occasion colours or as a pop of colour on your lash line while the warm brown tones and highlight shades provide everything you need for everyday and completing your look.


Top two rows

The swatch pictures didn’t turn out like I’d hoped as I think the lighting changed but hopefully you can see how beautiful and pigmented each shade is!

Bottom two rows


The colours go nicely together and blend without much work. There is a bit of fall out with a couple of shades but most of them feel tightly pressed in the pan. I’m not sure how to describe the formula but they feel really smooth, not too dry or gritty and super easy to work with.


You can get away without a primer with these as they don’t seem to fade much (though I haven’t yet tested them over a full day wear). One thing to be wary of though- the pigment is so strong, some of the shades actually stained my eyelids after I removed my makeup! It comes off eventually but thought it was worth mentioning as I’ve never known this happen with eyeshadow before!

Worth the hype?

I don’t own many higher end palettes but I would say this is one the best I’ve worked with. If you like the look of the colours and your budget allows the splurge, I’d definitely go for this!

What do you think to this palette? x

9 thoughts on “Juvia’s Place Masquerade Palette Review…Worth the Hype?

  1. This palette looks stunning! I’ve been thinking about purchasing it. But I’m torn between this and a different palette! Great review xxx


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