De’Lanci Nocturne Palette Review

De’Lanci are a brand I never see anyone talking about. I first came across their Morphe-type palettes on Amazon, rumoured to be made in the same factory as Morphe, but I’ve since tried a couple of their more original palettes and have to say I’m quite impressed!


The Nocturne palette is a fairly new release, available on Amazon or Ali Express. I purchased mine after seeing the stunning colours and mixture of mattes, shimmers and pressed glitter shades.

I’m not sure if this palette is supposed to be a dupe of anything, but the colour scheme does remind me of the Jaclyn Hill palette with lots of warm tones and those brighter blues and purples.



The palette comes with an outer sleeve and is the standard cardboard with magnetic closure and a large mirror. The galaxy design is very pretty but I feel the quality of the packaging is what lets it down. The top flap on mine is already coming away slightly and some of the pans feel loose and not glued down well so I don’t think this would survive travel at all! I may have to transfer these to a sturdier custom palette, which I what I did with the De’Lanci 9 shade palette (another favourite of mine!) I do love that the shade names are written on the packaging though as I hate those plastic sheets you get with some palettes!



Top 2 rows


Third and fourth row


Bottom row


I’ve not tried many shades yet but I like the ones I’ve used so far. Some of the similar shades do sort of all blend into one so I can’t say they’re the best eyeshadows I’ve ever used in that respect but I do really like them.


With a primer, the shades I’ve tried last all day. The shimmer does fade but I find that with most cheaper shadows.

Overall, if these colours appeal to you, I’d definitely recommend you check it out! It does feel like a cheap palette in terms of the packaging etc. but it’s worth it if you can live with that. Get it cheap enough (it’s currently £16.47 on Amazon, but I got mine even cheaper on Ali Express), and it doesn’t even matter about the packaging really as you can depot the shades you really like!

You can get it here!

I can’t wait to try those glitters out! What do you think to this palette? x

9 thoughts on “De’Lanci Nocturne Palette Review

  1. I absolutely almost love everything delianci do, I first came across them on amazon when a I was looking for a matte lipgloss set. They are just the best…am yet to review this particular palette along with their cute white rectangular looking palette , I also have a few of the palette on my affiliate shop…they swat h amazing, great review.


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