A Mini wet n wild Haul

wet n wild, along with Physician’s Formula, is a brand I wish was stocked here in the UK. Unlike PF though, some pieces can still be found quite cheaply on Amazon, which I where I picked up these few items.


I got two MegaLast lipsticks to try in the shades Spotlight Red and Bare it All. I resisted the urge to try out their full shade range since I literally have no more room to store lipsticks! On first impressions, these are both pretty colours but I’m not overly fond of the packaging and they seem to need quite a lot of building up on my lips to get the colour right. I’ll keep trying though! These were £2.99 each

I also got a new primer to try- another item I don’t need since I have about 7 on the go already but I’m such a big fan of the wet n wild eyeshadow primer, I wanted to give this a go too. I got this for £5.49

The final thing I bought was the Comfort Zone Icon Eye Shadow. I’ve had this palette sitting in my Amazon basket for some time but the shades in the picture don’t look particularly inspiring and I rarely use small palettes like this anyway. I finally decided to give it a try and I’m super impressed on first impressions! The shades are beautiful and they feel so much softer than any other cheap eyeshadow I’ve tried! I’m not a big fan of the whole telling-you-where-to-use-the-shades thing but this is coming from someone who sometimes still goes for a single all-over-the-lid colour so I guess it’s a good idea if you’re new to eyeshadow. Can’t wait to test this out on the eye! This was £5.99

Swatches below:

Spotlight Red and Bare it All
Comfort Zone palette- they’re out of order sorry!


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