Look Incredible November 2017 Unboxing

For those of you who don’t know, Look Incredible is a monthly subscription box service offering either the £25 standard box (which I have) or the £35 deluxe. The premium price tag is because you get full size products, and supposedly more deluxe and higher end brands.


First of all, I have to say I love the new packaging of the box. The standard box is a pretty silver and I think the deluxe is gold? It looks a lot nicer than the previous black and white boxes and actually seems more like something I could reuse.

November’s box features five items as normal. I actually hadn’t seen any spoilers of what they would be like I sometimes do so it was a complete surprise!

Too Faced Heart-Shaped Flatbuki Brush (RRP £12)Too Faced Flatbuki Brush

This is the first brush I’ve received since I started my subscription so quite happy to see this cute heart-shaped travel brush in here. I’m not completely certain what you use a flatbuki brush for but it’ll be nice for travel, I’m sure.

Too Faced Funfetti Ultra Plush Lipgloss (RRP £15)Too Faced Funfetti Lipgloss

Another Too Faced product and this time a lipgloss. I’m not much of a gloss fan but I do like the look of the colour.

CID Mascara (RRP £20)CID Mascara

Another first for me as I haven’t had a mascara in the box before. I adore the silver tube packaging of this but I had to open it to check I hadn’t received a faulty one as it felt so light I didn’t think there could be product in there! On first impressions, it’s a nice mascara but it didn’t wow me. The formula was quite wet though and I generally prefer the thicker, clumpier kind so I’ll see if I get different results after it’s dried up a bit.

Yves Saint Laurent Dessin Du Regard Waterproof Eye Pencil (RRP £15)20171118_104821-307952909.jpg

This products feels very luxurious which I like. It comes with a sharpener in the box too which is always useful and looks good quality. The pale blue is not really a colour I go for but the formula feels super creamy and I love trying new things!

Coastal Scents Winterberry Palette (RRP £14)20171118_105015-758392718.jpg

I’m sure some people will have been excited at the inclusion of a palette, I would have been too if I hadn’t received a similar Coastal Scents palette back in the September box. Looking at the box, I was convinced I would be giving this away but I did have a peek at the colours inside and do like the look of the pinkey purple shades more than the packaging suggests I would. Having not been all that impressed with the other Coastal Scents palette I have, I’m still undecided on this but I may end up depotting the shades I really like and adding to a custom palette. At least this palette makes it easy to do that!


So that’s November’s box! What did you think? x

Swatches of the lipgloss and eye pencil

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