New | PS…Matte Vs. Lustre Ultimate Collection

When I saw this in my local Primark, there was no way it wasn’t going to come home with me. No amount of ‘But you don’t need another lipstick. Where are you going to put them all?’ thoughts were going to stop me. It was hidden in the Christmas section, on a whole other floor to the beauty department so I’m just glad I spotted it!


For £15, this set comes with 5 matte lipsticks, 5 lustre lipsticks and 10 matching lip liners. I’ve been meaning to check out Primark’s lip liners for ages now so I thought a set like this was perfect for that! Their liners are around £1-£1.50 each normally so I’m practically getting the lipsticks free! It’s just maths! (I’ll tell myself anything to justify my purchases haha.)


The lipsticks are mostly pinky reddy tones which is great for me. There’s only one shade that I don’t think will suit me which is the palest pink.


The thing I instantly dislike about this set is that there are no shade names written anywhere except on the box it came in. I can cope with talking about unknown lipsticks on my blog but it means I have to spend my time matching the lipsticks to the liners by eye, and nobody has time for that! Yes, I know that’s exactly what I have to do when I’m looking for a liner normally but I feel like Primark went to the effort of matching all the shades up and giving them names, why not put them on the products?






A couple of colours are quite similar between the mattes and the lustres but I don’t mind that as I like to have finish options. You’ll notice that all the lip liners match perfectly except the purple lustre shade. At first, I thought I had got the liners mixed up but it looks like it’s actually a duplicate of one of the matte shades so I’m not sure if I got a faulty one?

Overall, I think this is a lovely set and would make an amazing gift for any beauty lover. I’m super impressed with the quality of the lipsticks and the lip liners so far and I definitely got a bargain. I just wish they’d included the shades names on the packaging!

What do you think to this set?

Amber x

12 thoughts on “New | PS…Matte Vs. Lustre Ultimate Collection

  1. Why are these so pigmented and so cheap? I actually hope that my local Primark doesn’t stock these as I have no more space for more lipsticks! Great post 🙂

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  2. Just wondering how I sharpen the lip liner? I just bought it and I’m not sure if the liners are made from plastic or real wood, if you know what I mean :/


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