Product Empties #4 December 2017

It’s about time I got my December empties out of the way, ready for 2018! These are my absolute favourite type of posts to read so I hope you enjoy!



Collection Velvet Kiss Caramel 2

This was my first ever liquid lipstick so it makes sense that it’s the first to make it to an empties post! These are pretty similar to the NYX ones but there’s only a few shades and they retail for just £2.99! I’ve definitely tried better formulas since getting this but the pinky nude shade is perfect for me and the price is a bargain!

Repurchase? Maybe one day!

e.l.f. Brow Pencil

I go through brow pencils faster than any other makeup product so it’s no surprise to see this here. This did the job but it’s nothing amazing.

Repurchase? It’s only £3 so maybe

Avon Ideal Flawless Cream Concealer

There is still a tiny bit left you might be able to tell but I’ve had it a long time and was no longer reaching for it. Time to call it quits!

Repurchase? Can’t but I did really like this

L’Oreal Paradise Exstatic/Lash Paradise & L’Oreal Miss Baby Roll Mascara

L’Oreal make the best mascaras and these are two faves. They both have some left but Miss Baby Roll has been open way too long and the more recently purchased Paradise was also starting to dry up.

Repurchase? Yes to both but Lash Paradise dried out quickly so I’d be sure to only get it when I don’t have a crazy number of mascara on the go



Miss Spa Deep Clean Blemish be Gone Mask

I can’t really remember what I thought of this so it didn’t leave a lasting impression!

Repurchase? Nope

Skyn Firming Under Eye Gels

I liked these for a pamper night or maybe for some hydration before a big night out r special occasion etc.

Repurchase? Probably

Clinique Pep Start Eye Cream mini

This mini eye cream lasted a surprisingly long time, but it didn’t do anything noticeable so I wouldn’t bother with the full size.

Repurchase? No

Superdrug Naturally Radiant Hot Cloth Cleanser

I probably didn’t use this consistently enough to notice what it did for my skin but I know I enjoyed using it and it’s great value if you can pick it up on offer!

Repurchase? Yes, when I’ve got through some more cleansers!

B. Hylauronic Acid Facial Spray

This was more of a summer item that hung out in my handbag for refreshing my skin throughout the day, but I have also used it to wake my skin up on a morning and to add hydration/melt makeup together after application.

Repurchase? Yes, but probably in the summer

Garnier Micellar Water mini

This adorable baby came with me on my travels and overnight stays and the 100 ml bottle is perfect for that.

Repurchase? I have a big one but I may keep this little bottle to refill

Freedom Pro Studio Glycolic Radiance Toner

I think this is supposed to be a dupe of the Pixi Glow Tonic but I’ve never tried it so I can’t say for sure. I think this did brighten my skin while using but I didn’t notice any other effects.

Repurchase? Probably not

Indie Lee Q-10 Toner mini

I got this in a Cult Beauty goody bag and loved it for travelling. I’ve also never used a spray toner before so that aspect was fun to try but I don’t think it was any better than a cheaper toner.

Repurchase? No

Nip + Fab Glycolic Acid Pads mini

Again, I got these mini pots for travel purposes. They are a bit gimmicky and really tiny in size but maybe if you’ve never tried the full size, these could be a good taster.

Repurchase? Probably not



Creightons Frizz No More Curl Spray

I picked this up for 99p in my local Body Care on the hunt for a replacement VO5 Miracle Mist (my favourite hair product that’s now discontinued). It was a nice spray for the price but not as good as my fave!

Repurchase? Probably if I see it again

The Body Shop Coconut Hair Oil

I’m pretty sure I featured this in one of my first ever favourites posts but I’m glad to see it gone, to be honest. It did make my hair soft and shiny but it was also incredibly difficult to remove and I usually ended up with oily sections of hair. No amount of softness is worth that!

Repurchase? No

Avon Naturals Daily Hair Refresher

This is alright, I’ve been through a couple of them. The scent is pleasant enough but it doesn’t add anything to my hair really.

Repurchase? Can’t but no

Bath, Body & misc


Soap & Glory Up-Toned Girl Body Lotion

First of all, can we just talk about how I’ve finished up a full body lotion? Pretty sure that’s never happened before. There is technically still a bit in the bottle but it doesn’t count since the pump won’t pick it up and life is too short to spend my time trying to get the last bit of product out, especially when I have loads from Christmas to use!

Repurchase? I liked it but no more than any other S&G product so probably not

icare Tea Tree Facial Wipes

Another cheap Body Care staple. I think this is the last pack from my supply so I’ll need to stock up again as these are great for cleaning up my dressing table and wiping away swatches etc.

Repurchase? Yep

Ps…Oval Cotton Pads

These cost only 50p and are just as good as pricier alternatives. I use them with cleansers, toners, micellar waters and they do a great job!

Repurchase? Already have

Ps…Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover

This is one of those with liquid in the bottom and sponge at the top and you’re supposed to put your nails in the sponge to remove polish. Unfortunately, I only really use false nails so my main use of remover is either to clean up messy edges with a Q-tip or to remove stuck falsies, which requires acetone!

Repurchase? No

Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely perfume

I’ve gone though quite a lot of perfume recently but still seem to have loads left! This has been a favourite for years so I’m sure I’ll get another bottle soon.

Repurchase? Yes but not yet

I hope you enjoyed looking through my trash! I’m already excited to see what I can use up in January!

Amber x

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