Stila Star-Studded Eight Review and Swatches

Today’s post is a review of the Stila Star-Studded Eight set of their mini stay all day liquid lipsticks. I got this just before Christmas and intended to feature it as part of my Days of Christmas content as it was a present to myself! Since that didn’t happen though, I’m posting my thoughts now.

This was released for Christmas, I think, so it’s hard to find now but (spoiler) well worth picking up if you can find it! A quick Google search tells me it’s still available from FeelUnique.

Stila Star Studded 8


The set comes with eight different minis, six of their normal stay all day formula and two new shimmer shades. The range of colours really appealed to me as you get everything from nudes to deeper shades.


Lip swatches

Sorry for the poor application in some of these pics. Pretty sure it’s user error and not because of the lipsticks!

Sogno: this is a true nude, not a colour I wear every day but a staple in anyone’s collection.


Perla: this is a pale pink shade and the only one I thought wouldn’t suit me when I looked at swatches online. It does look better than I thought but still not really my colour.


Patina: a more dusty rose pink and the closest to my go-to.


Aria: a deeper mauve-pink, another me shade.


Rubino: a deep red, the shade of red I tend to go for.


Chianti: dark plum shade, not an everyday colour for me but very pretty


Beso shimmer: a gorgeous festive metallic red that’s surprisingly wearable.


Patina shimmer: the shimmer version of this classic pink is also really nice.



On me, these really do last all day. They will fade with greasy or oily food but survive just about everything else. I wore Beso shimmer for my Xmas party and had comments of amazement on how my lipstick hadn’t budged all day!

They don’t feel drying but I wouldn’t say they’re the most comfortable on the lips either and I can tell I’m wearing lipstick if that makes sense.



If you’re bad at applying liquid lipsticks like me, you might find the flat applicator a bit difficult to work with. The formula of these is very wet but dries surprisingly quickly and doesn’t look patchy if you need to layer up.


This set retails for £45 but I paid around £36 for it and it has been on sale for way less than that if you can find it. For that, you’re getting 1.5ml of each lipstick, which I think is a decent mini size. I don’t have anything cheaper in my collection that measures up to these so I would say they’re worth the money and I would consider getting the full size of my favourite shades when these are gone!

That completes my review! Have you tried anything by Stila? I’m intrigued to try more from the brand! x

7 thoughts on “Stila Star-Studded Eight Review and Swatches

  1. There’s some beautiful colours in this set! I think it’s a great way to try them before you splurge out on the full sized ones! Great review! x

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