Palette of the Week #2: Ciate Chloe Morello Pretty, Fun and Fearless Volume II

For week two of my palette challenge, I picked the Ciate and Chloe Morello Pretty, Fun and Fearless Volume II. I meant to do a review on this palette when I got it before Christmas but I thought I could combine it here!


The palette comes in a set along with a mini liquid lipstick, mini mascara and a liquid eyeliner and retails for £45. I picked it up on sale on Ciate’s website for £35 and then got another £7 refunded as one of the shades wasn’t glued down and fell out when I got it! It does seem hard to find now but it’s available here from Studio for £29.99 if you’re in the UK.


When I bought this, I really wanted to love it. Look at it! The shades are so pretty and I felt like it had every colour I’d ever need. When I try to use it, though, I have no idea what to do.




While the colours are all very pretty, they aren’t the most pigmented eyeshadows I’ve ever used. They blend easily, last okay on the eyes and the shade selection is fantastic in terms of how they all go together.

If you’re more skilled than me, I think you could pull off some stunning looks with this. Sadly, my go-to for most of the week wasjust the shimmer shade gold pressed on my lid and a bit of bronzer in my crease as I felt like the palette is missing the warm brown transition shade I usually go for.

Overall, I feel like this palette is one I don’t really need in my collection. The purpose of palette of the week was to decide on what I really liked and didn’t like to help me declutter but I just don’t think I can get rid of this yet!

Have you tried this palette? What are your favourite looks? x

7 thoughts on “Palette of the Week #2: Ciate Chloe Morello Pretty, Fun and Fearless Volume II

  1. I’m not surprised to hear of your experience with this guy, it wasn’t very popular and the cohesiveness just didn’t seem to be there. I also used to do a palette per week challenge but my stipulation was that I HAD to do a different look everyday. It was brutal sometimes

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  2. Great post! This palette is so beautiful – shame about them not being glued down properly though. I might have to invest in the palette (if it goes on sale), not sure if I can justify spending that much, especially as you said they’re not massively pigmented shades.

    By the way, I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award (unsure if you’ve already done it)! xx

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    1. Thank you! It does look beautiful, doesn’t it? It’s one I can definately live without but I like having it and yeah definately worth it if you can pick it up cheap! Thanks for the award, not sure if I’ve done that one? I’ll check haha x

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      1. I definitely think it’s one of those palettes where I look at it, and appreciate it, but never really get round to buying! Sounds good, check out my post, there’s some questions for you to answer! xx


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