Full Face of Primark Makeup

I’ve wanted to do a full face of Primark’s PS… beauty range for a while now. When the budget clothing store first branched out into makeup a couple of years ago, not all of it was great and I think there is still some snobbery surrounding cheap products.

I’m in Primark a lot thanks to my city centre job and I hear negative comments from other shoppers on things they’ve never tried. I also have a friend who literally refuses to try anything from Primark because she assumes it’s poor quality, despite me telling her otherwise!

I could write a whole other blog on this but it’s time to get on with the makeup look I did. The only thing I’m going to say about this budget-friendly beauty line is that it has its hits and misses, which to me is just like any other brand!

Spoiler: This is how it turned out!


Products used:

Primer: Primer Water (£2) and PS…Perfect Glow Primer (RRP £3 but I got it for £1)

This was my first time trying a primer water and I really like it! I already have a fair few setting sprays in my collection and I guess it does a similar thing but it smells much better! I’ve tried to used the glow primer a couple of times but I think it’s a miss for me. It’s difficult to apply to the face and doesn’t give as much glow as I’d expect from an illuminating primer.


Foundation: My Perfect Colour Perfect Finish Foundation shade Vanilla (£2.50)

Concealer: My Perfect Colour Concealer shade Ivory (£2)

I’ve been using these two the longest and and they’re favourites in my collection. I picked up a couple of their other foundations for another blog I’ve got planned but this one is my fave and such a bargain at £2.50!


Powder: Pro Longwear Finishing Powder (£5 RRP, I got it for £2)

This is a loose setting powder that I’d considered picking up before it was reduced so glad I waited! I tend to prefer loose over pressed powder but not sure how I felt about this on first impressions. I think I prefer the Avon one I’m currently using.

Brows: 3-in-1 Precision Pencil shade Tobacco (£2)

This is a brow pencil, powder and brush. It’s pretty decent, the pencil works just as good as anything else but I’m not keen on the powder. I also used Essence Make me Brow as I didn’t have a brow gel!

Eyes: Chocolate Eyeshadow Palette (£3), Eye Pigment (£3, set of 3)

I grabbed this cute eyeshadow trio from their new chocolate range (along with a few other bits from the range…) and teamed it with this copper pigment. I don’t really have time for pigments in everyday but this one applies easily and looks so pretty. The palette is cute and great for glam on-the-go looks!


Liner & Mascara: Saint or Sinner Liquid Liner and Mascara set (£3 RRP, I got it for £1), Kohl Eyeliner Pencil shade Star Gazer (£1)

The liner and mascara set is not my favourite but I got it for £1! I don’t really use liquid liner anyway so I didn’t find the brush tip any worse than any other liner I’ve used,  in fairness. The mascara wand looks like it’s going to be amazing but it feels quite scratchy and cheap on the eyes and takes a lot of work to build up full lashes.

I added the blue kohl liner just because it’s the only pencil liner I own from Primark! It’s a nice colour but takes a while to build up pigment.


Bronzer: Bronze Glow Bronzing Powder (£2.50)

I bought this specifically for this blog post since I really need to start using up some bronzers…I liked this but it was quite subtle and may be better if you have paler skin than me.

Blush: Sweet Peach from the Cheeky Peachy Palette (£4)

I’ve been really loving this palette recently, specifically this mauvey blush. I’m not sure if you can still get this (stocking is the worst thing about Primark beauty!) but I’d definitely recommend picking it up if you see it. I also used the highlight shade in my inner corners and brow bone.


Highlight: PS…Pure Glow Highlighter shade Champagne (£3)

The Pure Glow single highlights and the Pure Glow palette are some of my favourites and I’m really into this champagne gold colour at the moment.

Lips: Lustre Lipstick and matching lip liner

There’s no shade on these but it’s a browny pink from the Matte Vs. Lustre set that I got before Christmas. I also tapped a little of the highlight shade from the peachy palette into the centre of my lips because why not?


Hope you enjoyed this look! Let me know what you think of Primark beauty or cheap makeup in general if you don’t have a Primark near you!

Amber x


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