Palette of the Week #5: Makeup Revolution X Soph

The eagle-eyed reader will have noticed that we’ve skipped a week here since the previous week I was just using my custom palette.

Last week, I picked out the Makeup Revolution collaboration palette with YouTuber sophdoesnails. This was super popular when it was released late last year and I still see a lot of reviews and blog posts centred around it because everyone loves it so much! I have honestly never seen anyone say they don’t like it.


It’s not perfect. To me, it’s the same as any Makeup Revolution palette in terms of formula, cheapish packaging etc., but with a stunning shade selection that’s perfect for almost any look.

I wish I’d had more time to play with this before moving on to a new week since I don’t have time to apply eyeshadow every day but I already knew before I got this out of my palette drawer that there’s no way it will be leaving my collection any time soon!


How are you guys finding palette of the week? I’m finding them a bit of a chore to write, to be honest and I think that’s coming across in my posts! I still want to be rotating my palettes frequently so I get chance to try everything in my crazy collection but it feels like a week is too short to really have anything to say!

Let me know your thoughts! x

4 thoughts on “Palette of the Week #5: Makeup Revolution X Soph

  1. I’ve been doing a palette (or sometimes 2-3 smaller pan palettes) a month. I usually use something completely different at the weekends so I don’t feel like I’m missing out.
    It’s working for me so far.
    I’ve had my eye on that palette for a while now, the colours in it really call to me.

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