Palette of the Week #6: De’Lanci Nocturne

I’m sorry this post is later than usual! I’ve been distracted by the snow here in the UK. Anyway, last week I was using my De’Lanci Nocturne palette.

If you’ve read my initial review linked above you’ll know I was pretty excited about this palette. The packaging is cheap and awful and half of the pans feel like they’re coming loose but the colour selection is gorgeous!


You can’t tell in the picture because this is one of the first ones I took of the palette but the shimmer shades are so soft, they tend to crumble a bit and, as a result, I can already see pan on some of them. The shimmers are as stunning as they look on the eye if you can get past that though.

The mattes though do let this palette down. They look like they’re going to work so well with the other shades but they just all blur into one when blended and even the shimmers don’t seem to perform as well when used with the matte shades.

The glitters are also amazing, though I haven’t used these much yet.

Overall, I have mixed feelings about this palette. It really does feel like a cheap palette but look at those beautiful colours! And the glitters! For me, I don’t mind a quick one colour eye look and I can live without the mattes, making this palette an ideal candidate to get depotted into a custom palette. Whether the more crumbly shades will survive the transition is another story…

See this palette in action in my last makeup of the day post.

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