Palette of the Week #7 Makeup Revolution Reloaded Iconic Division

Earlier today, I got to work with scissors and a magnetic palette to depot some of the palettes that just weren’t doing it for me as a whole (and discovered that ColourPop palettes are magnetic…like is this common knowledge because my mind is blown!?)

I now have a more streamlined collection but it mostly consists of warm tones and some vibrant colours.

With the Makeup Revolution Iconic Division, I don’t have anything else like this. This palette is the only one I was really interested in when MUR released 4 new Reloaded palettes and I think it’s supposed to be a dupe for the Anastasia Subculture palette.


The shades are a little scary for me as a warm-tone-loving bronze shimmeraholic but I actually really love the stunning range of mattes in this (of course paired with that bronze shimmer on the top row as my go-to!)


Whatever your opinion on dupes, I think this is a step in the right direction for Makeup Revolution and the formula feels much softer and more blendable than some of their previous palettes. Plus it’s only £4!

The colours do fade after a few hours wear but it’s more a fade in intensity rather than a complete disappearance (I am using an eye primer that I’m not really loving at the moment though so maybe they’ll perform better with a different base?)

Using this palette has pushed me out of my comfort zone, though I did still gravitate towards the bronze shimmer.


My go-to look: the matte reds in the crease and bronze all over the lid.

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