An Accidental Superdrug Haul

I’ve been so good at not buying makeup. But with mother’s day coming up in the UK, I made the mistake of hunting out a gift on the Superdrug website. Nobody has ever just popped into Superdrug or looked on their website and come away with only the thing they need and for me, I soon found my basket full with all the unmissable offers.

Barry M Under the Sea Nail Paints

20180303_102440952216234.jpgI’ve had my eye on these newly-released duochrome polishes and I just had to get the whole collection when I saw Barry M was on a buy one get one half price offer. I’ve only worn Angel Fish, the nude colour, so far but I’ll probably post a full review of these once I’ve tried them all out.

Barry M Holographic Eyeshadow Toppers

20180303_102654-465696302.jpgAnother Barry M release I’ve had my eye on is these glittery liquid eyeshadows. On first impressions, they remind me more of the ColourPop ones or the Essence ones than the full-on glitter of the classic Stila Magnificent Metals but the colours are fab. They’re quite sheer and take some building up but I guess they are called eyeshadow toppers!


Barry M Crushed Jewels

I picked up another new liquid eyeshadow but this time just one shade to try, which is the shade Dreamcatcher.

Sleek I-Art Precision Liquid Eye Colour

Sleek products were also on offer at half price so I grabbed yet another liquid eyeshadow! These ones are kind of a hybrid eyeshadow and liner as the brush is much thinner and could be used for eyeliner with a careful hand. I got the shade Modernism which is a stunning duochrome shade.


Barry M Matte Me Lip Kit

I picked up the shade Runway to try, which is my classic deep mauvey pink shade. It’s very similar in colour to a lot of other lipsticks I own but I really wanted to try the formula.


Nip + Fab Highlight Palette


I held off on buying the Soph x Makeup Revolution Highlight palette because I told myself I needed to get through some of my other highlights first but then I saw this was on offer for £7.50 and I couldn’t resist. The top row is a bit meh for me but I love the bottom row! If you have a skintone like me, I think you’ll love this but if you have much lighter or much darker skin, you might not like every shade.


Nip + Fab Blusher Palette


The blush palette was also half price and I like all the shades so I thought I’d give it a try. I hardly wear blush but it’s nice to have a palette like this in my collection.


Superdrug Simply Pure Conditioning Cleanser and Vitamin E Eye Cream


Lastly, I picked up these two from Superdrug’s own skincare range. I needed a new cream cleanser and I’m always looking to try new eye creams.

So that was my accidental haul. What have you accidentally hauled recently?

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