How to Survive a No Buy

A no-buy is a period of time where you choose to not buy any new beauty products. There are plenty of reasons why you might need to embark on a no-buy such as to save money or to use up products in an overflowing collection.

For me, I’m currently job hunting and trying not to spend money in case the search takes longer than anticipated. (Because paying bills is apparently more important than lipstick.)

Whatever your reasons, it’s certainly not an easy task with new product releases hitting the market constantly.

Here are my top tips for survival:

Try to avoid makeup stores or online shopping

This one is surprisingly difficult to do, especially as there are sometimes occasions where you need to pop into Superdrug for essentials like shower gel or deodorant and somehow your basket is filled with makeup after spotting the latest offers. If you do have to go somewhere where you know you’ll find it hard to avoid temptation, try to take someone with you to steer you away from the makeup stands.


Set yourself an end goal

If your no-buy is to save money, that could be to allow you to buy something else that you really need. If you don’t need the money for anything in particular, it might be wise to at least give yourself an end treat as it’s all too tempting to give up if you don’t have a goal in mind.

If you aim is more to use up what you already have, consider starting a project pan and posting the updates on your blog.

Create a wishlist

Surviving the difficulties of avoiding shopping is one thing but nobody on earth could possibly stop watching YouTube videos or reading blogs entirely. And this is not good for your no-buy if all you’re seeing is hauls and new product reviews.

You can find bloggers and YouTubes whose content is more in line with your current goals such as those who focus on saving money or project pan which will be a big help, but there’s always going to be something new and shiny that catches your eye. Creating a wishlist lets you see what products you’re most interested in so you can go out and buy only those products once your no-buy ends.

Use it as valuable blog content

Recording your experiences is a great way to generate new blog content such as how you got on, if you had any temptations and maybe even your own survival tips!

Have you tried a no-buy before? x

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