Primark Makeup VS Drugstore Makeup

There’s a lot of talk about the makeup range available now in Primark stores in the UK with some people loving it and others not getting on so well. I’m a big defender of Primark in general as the store is known for its cheap products, often leading to the assumption of low quality.

I decided to test their PS…makeup range out against drugstore alternatives to see how they compare. The results are detailed below but here’s the finished look! (Primark makeup on the left side of my face, drugstore on the right in the pictures.)


Foundation: PS…My Perfect Colour shade Vanilla vs. Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum shade Vanilla

These are both glowy, light coverage foundations and I couldn’t really tell the difference.

Winner? I’ll award this to Primark. As much as I like the  Bourjois, the PS… foundation is only £2.50 and there’s not much difference.

Concealer: PS…My Perfect Colour shade Ivory vs Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define C2

The Primark concealer creased more on me on application but I think both eyes look quite creased in the pictures.

Winner? This goes to drugstore for me.

I don’t have a pressed powder from Primark so I just powdered everywhere with Rimmel Stay Matte.


Brows: PS…3 in 1 Brow Pencil shade Tobacco vs Maybelline Brow Satin shade Dark Brown

I recently repurchased my old favourite Maybelline Brow Satin and thought it would be a good comparison for the only Primark brow product I have seeing as they both have a pencil and a powder aspect. They weren’t quite the same shade but I think I made it work! Brow Satin wasn’t as good as I remember it but I think that’s maybe just because I haven’t used it in so long.

Winner? I think my Primark brows looks best so I would go with that but I feel like the Maybelline usually does so much better!

Blush: PS…Cheeky Preachy Palette shade Sweet Peach vs Max Factor Creme Puff Blusher shade Alluring Rose

The mauvey Primark blush is the only reason I keep this peachy palette really. I feel like nobody talks about the Max Factor blushes but this one is pretty good too if you like a subtle sheen.

Winner? Both nice blushes but Primark win on price comparison, though I wish I could have this as a single blush.

Bronzer: Ps… Bronze Glow vs Rimmel Natural Bronzer

These are slightly different tones but I think I managed to warm up my face a bit. The Primark bronzer is okay but not my favourite.

Winner? Drugstore

Highlight: PS…Radiant Glow vs Makeup Revolution x Soph palette

I had a hard time matching up a Primark highligh to a drugstore alternative in my collection but eventually I went for a similar shade in the Soph palette. I think the Primark highlighter is the one that’s supposed to be a dupe for The Balm Mary Loumanizer but I’m not a huge fan of it. It’s pretty but too subtle for me and mine is really powdery as well so it can show up the texture on my face.

Winner? If I had used one of the Primark pure glow highlights, we might have a better competition but this has to go to drugstore.


Eyeshadow: PS…Nudes Metallic Eye Cream Shade Enchant vs Maybelline Color Tattoo shade On and On Bronze

I don’t own many eyeshadow products from Primark so I went with this cream shadow which I’ve been loving recently. The most similar drugstore product to this is the Maybelline Color Tattoos but they aren’t quite the same shade so I had to build up to make them match better.

Winner? I like both but I like how the Primark one looks overall. I think the Maybelline wears better though!

Mascara: PS…Saints and Sinners (don’t know the name of this but it was from that collection) vs. L’Oreal Miss Manga

I already know I hate this Primark mascara but it’s the only one I have by them. I must have been having a bad lash day because the L’Oreal mascara didn’t work as well for me as it usually does either!

Winner? Drugstore. Even if I had a different mascara from Primark, I haven’t heard good things about them so I’m staying clear for now!

I lined my eyes with ColourPop Liner in Over Board as the only Primark liner I have is bright blue.


Lips: Hot pink lipstick from the PS…Matte vs Lustre collection vs Makeup Revolution Renascence Lipstick in Highness

These look similar enough in the photos but the MUR is slightly glossier.

Winner? I’ll give this to drugstore.

Overall, other drugstore products managed to beat the PS…line but I think Primark’s makeup collection has its hits and misses just like all brands do!

What do you think? x


10 thoughts on “Primark Makeup VS Drugstore Makeup

    1. It has its good and bad makeup but I do think a lot of the time it’s the packaging that makes it cheap. I had a lipstick from there that performed great but it snapped out of the packaging! Thanks for reading!

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  1. I love perusing the ps range. I can pick up fun bits that I don’t want to spend a fortune on. And likewise with some staple products like brow products that I run through fast and don’t want to be spending my money on.
    Great review, I loved the comparison.

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