Look Incredible Standard Box April 2018

Since switching to bimonthly, I was holding out hope that my recent disappointment with the Look Incredible standard box was going to change.

The standard box costs £25 every two months vs. the deluxe which is £35 every month. With the contents of recent standard boxes, I suspect they’re aiming to push more people onto the pricier option and sadly, this box also felt like a let-down to me.

Urban Decay Lip Love Honey Infused Lip Therapy- Drizzle (RRP £12.99)

April-Urban Decay Lip LoveIt’s nice to see an UD product in the box- but is it just me or is anyone else having a hard time understanding what exactly this is? I’ve read the description on the card but it’s mostly just a list of ingredients thrown around with terms like ‘replenish.’ I’ll give this lip treatment a go but it’s not the most exciting thing to see.

Jelly Belly Body Butter Set x 3 (RRP £12.99)

Jelly Belly Body ButterWe’re only four months into the year- doesn’t everyone still have enough body butters to use up from Christmas? They smell nice enough but I really didn’t need three of them. Sorry, this one just feels like a bad Christmas gift!

Rodial XXL Lip Liner- Nude (RRP £9)

Rodial XXL Lip LinerI like trying out new lip liners so I was pleased to see this included but it has terrible reviews online with people saying it’s impossible to sharpen so I’m not sure how well it will work!

True Isaac Mizrahi Perfect Palette with 3 brushes (RRP £21.99)

True Isaac Mizrahi Perfect PaletteI don’t know what to say about this. The packaging is really pretty and the travel brushes are cute, but inside it reminds me of a kid’s makeup set. It looks and feels cheap. I haven’t tried it on my face yet but I’m not holding out much hope from swatching the products.

True Isaac Mizrahi Perfect Palette2

So that’s everything! There should also have been a Borghese mascara included in the box but mine was missing. I’ve emailed them about it and I’m awaiting a replacement but I’ve already got a mascara backlog on my hands even just from these boxes!

The value on the card states £70.97 worth of products, but if you were to purchase everything from the Look Incredible website, it only comes to £47.96, assuming the lip liner retails at full price as I can’t find it on their website. I’ve never really checked up on that before but that’s pretty shocking…

I hate being so negative but I’m just so disappointed with this month’s box. I keep thinking I’ll just give it another try and hope it improves but I think this is it for me now and I’ve cancelled my subscription.

I’m now on the lookout for another subscription box to try!

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