L’Oreal Infallible Strobe Highlight Stick Review

Cream highlights and highlights that come in this stick form are never anyone’s favourite. I think that’s because they usually don’t work well on top of other products like powders but I’ve been loving my Maybelline Master Strobe stick recently for when I’m having a natural makeup day and I wanted to try another cream highlight formula.

I picked up this by L’Oreal in the shade Oh my Jewels. It’s quite similar to the one I have from Maybelline but slightly more pink-toned (I’m also really into pink highlight at the moment!)

Loreal highlight 04


The highlighter comes in a standard tube packaging, the same as all of L’Oreal’s new shaping stick range. The product feels quite sturdy which is good as I have had stick products like this break off before.

Loreal highlight 02


This retails for £8.99 in the UK, which is on the pricier end of the drugstore highlights I love but is pretty standard for L’Oreal

Loreal highlight 03


I’ve found the best way to apply this is to draw a line onto my beauty sponge and dab it onto my cheekbones or wherever I want to place it. It blends much easier for me that way than if I draw it straight onto my face. If you find you don’t get on with cream highlights, I’d definitely recommend this method!

The photos below don’t really do this highlighter justice but it looks so pretty on the skin! It’s not a blinding highlight so you might not like this if that’s your thing but it looks like a natural glow on me, which is what I like about cream highlight over powder.

loreal-highlight-01.jpgLoreal highlight 05


With a full face of makeup on, this highlight is still glowing at the end of the day. It does last on natural makeup days too but it can fade if I touch my face a lot.


I’m really impressed with this and glad I picked it up! My obsession with cream highlights is probably just a phase but they look a lot more natural on me and don’t show up the texture on my skin like a lot of powders do. If you’re looking for a highlight stick, I would recommend this one!

Have you tried this product? Let me know your thoughts!

4 thoughts on “L’Oreal Infallible Strobe Highlight Stick Review

  1. This sounds like a great highlighter, I love blinding highlighters but sometimes, subtle ones are amazing too!! Great review love xx


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