L’Oreal Infallible Pro Glow Foundation Review

Foundation reviews are a rarity on my blog but I was pretty excited when the L’Oreal Pro Glow foundation launched in the UK. This foundation is exclusive to Amazon and you can buy it here.

It retails for £11.99, which is pretty standard for a mid-range drugstore foundation but I always buy drugstore makeup when there are 3 for 2 offers or free gift offers etc. on at Boots and Superdrug, so the Amazon exclusivity does mean it will probably never be any cheaper than £11.99.

pro glow promo


The Pro Glow comes in a squeezy plastic tube rather than a bottle. I personally like that as I think it will be great for travel and less likely to break if you’re clumsy like me but it’s definitely not the sort of foundation you’d want to display on your vanity.

pro glow close 2

Shade range

Pro Glow is available in 12 shades, which is disappointing for such a big brand

I have the shade 202 chosen after much deliberation and comparing online swatches. I went for this in the end even though the undertones are more neutral because the yellow toned shades looked either too dark or too light, which I guess you can expect from such a poor shade selection.

It does look too light for me when swatched on my hand but it blends out okay on my face.

pro glow swatch


The foundation is very liquidy and runny so it’s difficult to control how much comes out, but you don’t need a lot and the blending is effortless on my skin with a sponge. I haven’t tried it with a brush yet but I’d expect it to blend just as well.

pro glow close


This gives a fairly light coverage which is what I love in a foundation. It does build up but it’s probably not for you if you are more of a full coverage lover.

Here’s my face free of makeup (except brows- obvs):

pro glow no makeup

And here it is with Pro Glow on the left side of my face only:


As the name Pro Glow suggests, it does look glowy on the skin but less so than I was expecting. For me, I like this finish as it just looks like a natural glow and doesn’t look oily or greasy.

One thing that did surprise me on my first application was how this foundation was able to find every bit of dry skin and texture on my face, normally something only full coverage or matte foundations do. I tried it again after making sure my skin was hydrated and over an illuminating primer this time and it looked a lot better.

Here’s how it looks with a full face of makeup:

pro glow full face 1

Close up

For reference, I have combination skin with quite a lot of texture and large pores around my cheeks, random dry patches particularly under my eyes and an oily nose (I’d say t-zone but it’s usually just my nose!).


I’d say this foundation does look slightly more glowy throughout the day but it doesn’t rub off or fade. I’m not sure how well this will work for other skin types because it did pick up on my dryness initially and it might be too glowy if you have very oily skin but I think with a good hydrating base underneath, it works for me!


I think L’Oreal need to sort out that shade range and it’s a bit disappointing that UK customers can only get this foundation on Amazon because choosing a shade online with such a limited selection available is a bit like picking out winning lottery numbers. But I do like the look and finish of Pro Glow and I think it’s worth trying out if you can find a shade that works for you!

Have you tried this foundation? Let me know your thoughts! x

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