Green Glitter Mermaid Makeup Tutorial

I sat down to do a festival inspired look and somehow ended up as a mermaid! I’m not sure if this is something I’ll be recreating but I’ve listed the products and how to do it below if you’re interested in becoming a sparkly green mermaid!


To create this look you will need: illuminating primer, concealer/foundation/whatever base coverage you prefer, green face paint, green glitter, green or blue highlight, loose setting powder, glitter primer, dark green matte eyeshadow, green glitter or shimmer eyeshadow, lighter green shadow, a stencil for the scales or something with a mesh pattern like fishnet tights.


I started with my brows filled in as I normally would and then moved on to base makeup. I used an illuminating primer to give me as much glow as possible and then I just used a little concealer as I didn’t want a heavy coverage. You can use as much coverage as you want at this point until you’re happy with your base.

Next, I chose to do the eye makeup which was just really simple deep green matte in the crease and then a glittery shade on the lid and a brighter green on the inner corners. I used a blue liner in my waterline and added mascara.


Going back to the face, it’s time to get a bit more mermaid-y! I used a mermaid scale stencil but anything you have with a mesh pattern on it will give the same effect. I placed this over my face where I wanted the scales to go and filled in with a green face paint, pressing a beauty blender over the top if I wanted to soften the colour.

I highlighted as I normally would but with a green highlight for added mermaid glow and then used pressed green glitter dabbed in random places over my face and over some of the scales.


I waited until I’d finished everything to set with loose powder but you could also set your base first if you feel like you need to.

The final step is the lips and I went for a pale metallic green using face paint. You could use green glitter on your lips with a little vaseline or lip balm or I also think you could rock the mermaid look with a deep red or purple shade.


Products used:

Primer: L’Oreal Lumi Maqique

Concealer: L’Oreal True Match in Vanilla

Green face paint: De’lanci Lip Palette

Green glitter: PS…Glitter Obsessed Palette

Highlight: Green shade from Revolution Ultra Cool Highlighting Palette

Powder: Avon Magix HD Finishing Powder

Eye primer: NYX Glitter Primer

Matte green shadow: Revolution Iconic Division Palette

Green glitter shadow: Urban Decay Moondust Palette shade Lightyear

Lighter green shadow: Barry M Holographic Eyeshadow Topper shade Supernova

Mascara: Ciate Wonderwand

Liner: PS…Kohl Pencil Liner in Stargazer

Lipstick: Metallic Green Face Paint Stick from Primark



7 thoughts on “Green Glitter Mermaid Makeup Tutorial

  1. Love the eyeshadow color girl, I am also into beauty basically anything beauty related and I am new here 🤗 So I just followed you I also have a YouTube channel hope to stay in touch awesome blog girlie XOXO 💋 NicoleKristine

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