Revolution Pro Supreme Highlight- Gold Review

Rebrands are always exciting. Especially with Freedom as the professional-aimed little sister of Revolution is now named Revolution Pro. While Revolution itself is a much-hyped bloggers’ favourite brand, hardly anyone was talking about Freedom so I feel like the rebrand was a smart move for them.

No Superdrugs near me really stocked Freedom before- and it doesn’t look like they’re stocking Revolution Pro in many stores currently either so I did have to make my purchases online. One of the things I was curious to try was their Supreme Highlight palettes. Keep reading if you want to know my thoughts!

Rev pro highlight 04

This highlight palette is currently available in three different shade ranges and I chose the Gold variety.


The Supreme Highlight Gold has three shades- white gold, yellow gold and peachy pink. As the name would suggest, they all have a gold undertone which I thought would suit my warm light skin tone best.

Rev pro highlight 02


The palette comes in standard plastic packaging with a clear lid and the three shades are separated on the inside but still accessible if you wanted to mix the shades together. The new branding is printed on the front and back of the palette and the back also lists the ingredients.

Rev pro highlight 01


The palette retails for £6 in the UK, which I think is pretty reasonable for three shades. The Revolution Pro line in general is a little bit pricier than Revolution but I think this price is right for the budget-friendly brand.


I wanted to love these highlights so much. Look at the swatches! But the glitter in these is just too chunky for me, especially in the gold shade in the middle. They feel almost buttery to touch but can apply powdery on my face and emphasise texture. I think ultimately, they’re just a bit too dark for my skin tone resulting in that gold glitter streak look which is a shame since I purposely chose the gold one thinking it would be the best option!

Rev pro highlight 05


Because I don’t think these shades suit me, I’ve hardly worn them for more than a few hours but I didn’t notice much fading going on so I’m pretty confident they would stay put all day with a full face of makeup. The middle gold shade is the most glittery out of the three so I think some glitter fallout is to be expected with that one.


While I think these are very pretty shades, I’m struggling to make them work for me. If you have darker skin than me and can get along with the glittery powdery texture, I’m sure you will love these as the actual highlight effect is stunning. I’m curious about the lighter version available as to whether the texture is the same or not but I didn’t pick that one up because I thought the shades looked too icy.

Hopefully, Revolution Pro will be stocked in a Superdrug near me sometime soon and I can swatch it for myself in store!

Has anyone else tried this? Did it work for you? x

9 thoughts on “Revolution Pro Supreme Highlight- Gold Review

  1. It’s a shame about the texture of these and them being too dark for you! I really wanted to try one of these Revolution Pro highlighter palettes, but didn’t really see one that I thought I would get use out of xx

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      1. Yeah exactly! I have really pale skin but the palest one is like lilac and pink and they look really intense! Xx

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      2. I don’t think I would have used it either! I have a couple of pink/purple highlighters and only really use them for special makeup looks, never everyday looks xx

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      3. I’m the same, I like pinky toned highlights sometimes but anything else colourful I keep in my costume kit with glitter and face paints and all that stuff I’d never use for everyday x

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  2. Love this post! I’ve recently struggled to find any Revolution Pro near me too till yesterday when I did find a stand at the Cwmbran store (Wales) I was expecting it to be empty but it was quite full. Did you pick anything else up from the range? x

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    1. It’s weird- you’d think they’d sell really well if they had in store stands but I suppose it depends on store space too. So far, I have a couple of the new liquid lipsticks and eyeshadow palettes and I’m waiting on another online order! Thanks for reading x

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