Product Empties #9 May 2018

May was one of those months where I didn’t think I’d used up much until I came to sort through my empties bag and realised I actually have a lot of products to share with you…

Keep reading to find out what I used up and what my thoughts are!


Empties makeup

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder

I’ve been trying to use this last bit of power up for ages and it finally cracked so I ended up throwing the last bit of product away. This is a classic powder that everyone loves because it’s so cheap but I wouldn’t say it’s my favourite.

Repurchase? Maybe

Revolution Conceal & Define

I got through this so quickly because you get such a small amount of product in here. This has decent coverage but it was too heavy for under my eyes until I discovered applying small dots of product- which was only a few days before it was empty so I didn’t really use this to its potential sadly.

Repurchase? Larger versions are supposed to be releasing so I might pick that up if the price is still good

Benefit Roller Lash

This mini was the mascara that never ended. I don’t know how people use them up so quick- I literally used this almost every day since I started my makeup stash project in January and I think there is still a usable amount left but it was becoming difficult to get my lashes looking how I wanted and I’m a one-coat instant volume girl.

Repurchase? Yes, I will probably get the full size eventually

Maybelline Brow Precise Micro Pencil

I’m sure it’s just me but I don’t get on with skinny brow pencils. I find I have to use so much product to fill in my brows properly that the pencil only lasted me a couple of weeks. If you have good natural brows, this will probably work for you but it’s not for me.

Repurchase? No

Revolution Brow Pencil

I think I technically finished this up last month but I’d already written the empties post by then so it’s snuck into May’s post. This was a good cheap option but nothing special.

Repurchase? Probably



Boots Botanics Radiance Concentrate All Bright Serum

I’d already used half the bottle as a normal serum when I rediscovered this on my dressing table- put there to try and use before makeup application but I never did so I went back to using it after cleansing as its intended purpose. This felt nice on the skin but I couldn’t really tell what it was doing.

Repurchase? No

Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Exfoliating Pads

These pads didn’t do much for me but, in their defence, I bought them during a hormonal breakout so they didn’t really stand a chance of working against that. For the normal bacteria type of spots, they might perform better.

Repurchase? Probably not

Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads travel pot

I love the full size of these and took this cute travel pot on holiday with me. I probably wouldn’t buy these again because you really don’t get much for your money but they were handy for a few days away.

Repurchase? I think I have another to use up but I probably wouldn’t buy again

Avon Anew Vitale Eye Cream

I used to love this eye cream but it doesn’t seem to do much for me anymore. Sometimes I think skincare does need switching up a bit so I might return to this eventually.

Repurchase? Maybe if it’s still available in the future

Freedom Pro Studio Glycolic Radiance Tonic

I’ve featured this Pixi Glow Tonic dupe in a previous empties post where I said I wasn’t that impressed but I did end up repurchasing. I love the glow this gives my skin but I don’t think it does anything else incredible.

Repurchase? Probably

The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Butter

I really wanted to try a cleansing butter and picked up this affordable option but I wasn’t really a fan. It did the job at removing my makeup but I hated how my skin felt afterwards.

Repurchase? No



L’Oreal Elvive Full Restore Shampoo & Conditioner

I’ve always loved this range but this duo have been hanging out in my shower for far too long and I wasn’t seeing the same effects as when I first tried this. Like skincare, I think haircare does need changing up sometimes anyway so maybe I’ll go back to this one day.

Repurchase? Yes but not right away

Bath & Body


Paco Rabanne Olympea Body Lotion

I got this in the perfume gift set with my Boots points after Christmas and I loved this to start with as the scent is just like the perfume and it lasted pretty well on my skin but eventually, I started to noticed my skin felt like it was burning after applying this. I do get a rash with certain perfumes so I guess something in this just didn’t agree with me and I didn’t end up finishing the whole thing sadly.

Repurchase? Sadly no

Imperial Leather Marshmallow Shower Cream

I used up a good half of the bottle as bubble bath when I ran out but it does perform better in its intended purpose as a shower cream. It’s okay- smells nice, does the job and it’s cheap.

Repurchase? Maybe

Sanctuary Spa Green Lemon & Orange Blossom Body Wash

This was a mini from Christmas that I actually ended up loving. I enjoyed the smell and I felt like it did a decent job.

Repurchase? I might get the full size once I’ve got through some others



Ps…Micellar Cleansing Wipes

I mentioned these in my last empties post as they came in a two pack so my thoughts haven’t really changed!

Ps…Round Cosmetic Pads

Same as last time!

No. 20 Charcoal Peel off Mask

This is made for Primark but I think it’s by a Korean brand. It’s one of those peel off masks that’s supposed to remove blackheads. I couldn’t really feel it pulling much from my skin but I feel like it did something, and for the money (it was like £1 or less?), it was definitely worth it.

Repurchase? Yes if I see it again

PS…Brightening Foaming Bubble Mask

Another super cheap Primark mask- this one comes in at just 80p. I’m not the biggest fan of bubble masks but I did like this one. Again, I feel like it did something for my skin even if the results weren’t incredible. I can’t ask for any more for the price!

Repurchase? Yes

That’s everything I used up in May! Hope you enjoyed this post x

9 thoughts on “Product Empties #9 May 2018

  1. I also used the Freedom Glycolic acid for a while, but the results were not comparable to more expensive stuff such as Pixi Glow. What a pity.

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  2. I also use Rimmel True Match powder – it’s just so cheap & it does the job. Interesting to hear your thoughts on the body shop cleansing butter because I have been intrigued by it, I think I’ll not bother now though as I cannot stand when your face feels weird after cleansing haha. Also, The sanctuary spa body wash sounds great – I’m obsessed with the brand! Really great post xxx

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