Collective Revolution Beauty Haul

You know when you’ve got last month’s payday still sitting in the bank but you can’t spend it because you’re job hunting? I finally started my new job this week, and promptly blew my remaining cash on a series of much-need hauls.

Read on to find out what I purchased from collective brands under the Revolution name- Revolution, Revolution Pro and I Heart Makeup. Don’t forget to check out my beauty bay haul if you haven’t seen it!

I Heart Revolution Nudes Palette

I didn’t need this. I mean, I didn’t need any of this but eyeshadow palettes are the one thing I’ll never use up. I don’t really have a neutral palette like this except the ABH Soft Glam I also just purchased so I think it will be a good addition to my collection and I love the previous Chocolate Bar Palettes and the fact that this one has the names written inside the palette and not on one of those annoying plastic sheets. A step in the right direction!


Revolution Pro Regeneration Trends Mischief Mattes

If my eyeshadow palette collection was really missing anything, it’s probably this. I don’t need bright matte colours every day but I’m certainly lacking them for looks when I do so I’m excited to play with this.

Revolution Bold as Brass Palette (free gift)

I’m not sure yet if I’m going to keep this palette as I don’t think it’s one I’d reach for much/the colours look like ones I already have in my collection. The shades do look pretty though and I like the look of the highlights.

I Heart Revolution Choc Mint Mini Palette

I know it’s yet another palette but look at how cute it is! I’m not really that interested in the other mini palettes in the range but I thought this was an adorable addition to my collection and so great for travel.

I Heart Revolution Radiance Triple Baked Highlighter

I also got this in the shade Hidden which is way darker than it looks online so I think I’ll be putting that one into the giveaway pile. This is such a unique shade as it’s champagne but it has a pink almost duochrome reflect to it but it is a little glittery for my usual preference.


Revolution Pro Foundation Drops

I don’t even wear foundation that much but I’ve been obsessed with trying new ones recently and I like the dropper foundation I have from Primark but the actual dropper on it is useless so I’m glad to have another one to try and I love it so far! I got this in the shade F4 which isn’t quite the right undertone for me but I struggled to find one that was, even with the impressive shade range.

Revolution Pro Prime & Hydrate

This is supposed to be a moisturiser and primer in one so I thought it might be a good hydrating base. I already have a moisturiser backlog on my hands but I do love trying out primers. This smells great but I haven’t noticed any amazing benefits from it yet.

Revolution Hyaluronic Fix Setting Spray

I picked this up as I was intrigued by the plumping and hydrating aspect and I love trying out new setting sprays. Really hoping I’ll love this!

Revolution Pro Eye Elements Core

My current eye base isn’t doing much for me so I wanted to try out a new one but I think this is the kind of thing that will provide a base for eyeshadow but not do much in terms of increasing longevity. I haven’t used it enough times to know yet really though.


Revolution Pro Microblading Pencil

I didn’t really get on with the last skinny brow pencil I had as I needed to use tons of product to get decent brows. I haven’t had chance to try this yet but I’m not expecting it to perform much better- it was cheap enough though.

Revolution Solid Brush Cleaner

I had the old Freedom brush soap and I’m currently using the Beauty Blender Solid so I’m really hoping this will be as good as the Freedom one changed my life and this is just £5!

Revolution Pro Supreme Matte Lip Pigment in Ardent

I picked up a couple of shades of this liquid lipstick already and I wanted to try another as I was impressed with the formula. This is a brighter pink shade than the others I have but I wanted something a bit different to my pinky/mauvey nude collection of lipsticks. The shade selection looks impressive but the online swatches don’t really match up with the shades so I hope I’ll see these in a Superdrug store sometime soon.


I Heart Revolution Mystical Mermaids Lipstick in Mythical Tale and Aquadisiac

I was really excited to try the Aquadisiac shade as it’s one of those that looks green but goes on your lips pink. I love the idea of it but it is rather glittery- a cool mermaid look though! The other shade again looks nothing like its online swatches and is more of a cool-toned purple shade but I like it as it’s a unique colour to my collection.

That’s everything I got in my haul! Let me know if you’ve tried any of these products! x

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