Primark PS…Lipstick New Formula: Rosewood Mauve

I never thought I’d be dedicating a whole blog post to a single shade of lipstick but you know when you just find your perfect colour?

A few months back, Primark had a range of budget lipsticks in, costing just 90p. I picked up two- both similar rosy mauve shades in Bombshell and Rosewood Mauve but Rosewood Mauve was my ultimate favourite. Not even just my favourite Primark lipstick or my favourite budget lipstick but one of my favourite shades ever.

Sadly, my love affair with Rosewood Mauve was short-lived after an incident of overly vigorous application resulted in the lipstick snapping out of its packaging. I could still use it if I was careful but it was just never the same and I went back on the hunt for my favourite lipstick.


Imagine my delight when I discovered Primark have relaunched their budget lipstick range with new packaging and new matte or lustre formulas- and Rosewood Mauve is one of the shades!

Of course, I had to try out the new formula and I picked up the lustre version for 90p. I’m not entirely sure if every shade is available in both formulas but they didn’t have it in matte in my tiny local Primark.

So, how does the new formula compare to the old one?

I’ve heard rumours that Primark lipsticks are great dupes for MAC but I’m not sure if that’s just because of the lustre and matte formulas. The previous version of this shade is somewhere between the two with a satin type finish- which I personally tend to prefer in a lipstick.


When swatched, you can see the new lustre formula on the left looks a little glossier in finish but they are the same shade.

I would say the lasting power is more impressive in the old formula too, probably because the lustre finish is way less transfer proof.

Overall, I’m really happy Primark have released this shade again and I love the look of the lustre finish but this is definitely going to remain as an everyday lipstick for me and not one I could get through a night out with as it would need reapplying constantly. I do think I prefer the finish of the old one a little more but that’s just personal preference!


Have you tried these lipsticks yet? x

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