ColourPop Haul and First Impressions

I love a ColourPop haul, but sadly they don’t happen too frequently on my blog because customs fees to the UK are crazy. I received my last order from them a few weeks ago so I’ve had chance to play around with the bits I got and let you know my first impressions!

ColourPop haul

Dream Street Palette


This is the main reason for the haul as I’ve wanted to try this palette since it launched. If anyone’s going to make me add another palette to my ridiculous collection, it’s going to be Kathleen Lights. Plus the colours are stunning!

No Filter Foundation

I was intrigued to try this but I’m not a big foundation wearer anyway. I’m not too keen on this from my first try with it- it’s a good colour match for me (I have it in Light Natural 50) and the packaging is so cute but it gives me that ‘she’s-obviously-wearing-foundation’ look that I hate.


No Filter Loose Powder

I adore the packaging of this- it’s such a cute little product, I can see it being great for travel. I’ve only used it a couple of times so far and it did the job but nothing else special to report yet!

Lux Lipstick in Ghosted, Unravelled and Lay Over


I absolutely love the formula of these so far and the colours I picked are amazing, which isn’t always the case with ColourPop lipsticks I’ve had before.


13 thoughts on “ColourPop Haul and First Impressions

  1. I was hesitating to buy the foundation cause it looks drying and either ways, I prefer natural looking foundation so I think I’ll pass but is the loose powder drying? cause I really want to try it out. Great post btw!! xx

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    1. It’s a good colour match but I’m not so keen on how it looks on my face! I haven’t given the powder enough of a chance yet but it doesn’t feel drying. I’ll try get a full review of the powder and possibly the foundation up in the next couple of weeks! x

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  2. I really wish the customs fees to the UK weren’t so much as I’ve always wanted to try colourpop! I hope that they start selling in the UK at some point soon. Lovely review, those lipsticks look incredible! xx

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  3. ahhh I want the dream street palette so much, and I really want the new Zodiac palette and some of the other bits! But the customs are such a killer.. I just don’t think I can justify it right now. I need the UK to start supplying it!!! I heard a rumour is was gonna be coming to beauty bay on a beauty facebook page I am part of… I don’t feel like it’s going to be true though. Got me temporarily excited x

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    1. I know the whole Zodiac collection looks great too! I suspect Beauty Bay might be trying to get it but I’m not sure if they will or if Colourpop will only sell on their site. If they do though I hope they can at least set up a UK site for it like Morphe did x


  4. I love the dream street palette!!!! I wasn’t a fan of the foundation at first either, but I found that if I use less product and put it on with my hands, it looks better on me. I really want to try their loose powder, but I want to work through some of the ones I have first.

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