Too Faced Papa Don’t Peach Blush Review

We’re going to tackle two rarities right here on my blog: blush reviews and highend product reviews.

CB 16

I picked up the Too Faced Papa Don’t Peach Blush in a Cult Beauty haul because it’s nice to treat yourself to highend stuff every now and again and I don’t own any pricey blushers. So, how does this compare to cheaper options?


I can’t not mention the cool packaging. The blush comes in a tin with magnetic closure and includes a cute mirror with the blush pan inside. And it smells like peaches! Packaging is nearly always impressive when you’re paying more for a product and I do feel like that’s where your money goes a lot of the time.


As with all highend products, this does come with a hefty price tag of £25, which is crazy when I think that I literally have blushes in my collection that cost £1. You do get a ton of product in here (9g) but I hardly ever hit pan on blushes so I’d prefer to pay less for less product personally.


This is a really beautiful shimmery peachy pink that just adds a nice healthy look to my face. Most of the time, I wear highlight as well as blush but this has just enough shimmer that you could get away with skipping the highlight if you’re short on time.



This applies so easily with a blush brush. I literally dip my brush in and tap it on my cheeks and it blends well with my makeup and doesn’t look too pigmented.

Lasting power

On me, this doesn’t last a full day which is a bit disappointing. I don’t wear blush enough to compare it to other brands but I always expect the best from highend brands. This lasts maybe 4-5 hours before it fades.


I think this is a lovely blush and the packaging is adorable but I can’t really justify the £25 price tag compared to other blushes in my collection. It’s quite similar to the Milani Luminoso blush which costs £10 in the UK. You get a lot less product in that one so it’s probably similar on a price-per-gram level if you only ever use one blush but I’d prefer to pay less and have more options.

Have you tried this blush or do you have any blusher recommendations? x


17 thoughts on “Too Faced Papa Don’t Peach Blush Review

  1. Do you find the Milani blush to have the same shimmer? I’ve been looking for a nice shimmer blush but like you I don’t use enough to spend £25 on one😭😭 x

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