Barry M Under the Sea Nail Paint Review

Nail polish reviews are a rarity on my blog but I do love a classic Barry M polish. They release new shades all the time but I was really drawn to their Under the Sea Nail Paint collection, currently available in four shimmery duchrome shades.

Before we get into the swatches, let’s take a moment to appreciate the packaging. Yes, the bottle is just like any Barry M nail polish but look at those shiny seahorses and fish on the lid! I don’t keep my nail polish collection on display but these would be sitting right at the front if I did.



Angelfish- pearly peach

This is a natural everyday shade with that added shimmer- definitely something I’ll wear.


Jellyfish- lilac blue

I really like this colour as I don’t have anything similar in my collection and I like how it looks on me- not all colours look good.


Butterflyfish- pinky blue

I’m not a fan of blue polish on me but this one is very pretty with that pinky duochrome shift.


Pinktail- pinky gold

This is a stunning colour but again not one I can see myself wearing every day. I don’t really own any pink polishes though so it’s good to have.


It’s worth mentioning that the colours of these transform when painted over a black or white base, which I’ve tried to demonstrate in the image below, showing each polish on its own, over white and over black. It’s not my best photography ever but you can hopefully see the difference- especially over black which really brings out that duochrome shade!



Overall, the colours and finish of these probably aren’t something I would reach for every day but I think they’re still nice to have in my collection. I prefer some of the colours painted over black but I think I’d probably prefer to just have one colour that can do that.

Have you tried these? x








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