ColourPop x Kathleen Lights The Zodiac Collection

It’s not that long since my last ColourPop haul, but I was intrigued by their latest collaboration with YouTuber KathleenLights. The Zodiac collection features an eyeshadow palette, two lux lipsticks, two supernova shadows and two supershock highlights. I purchased mine in the bundle which retails for $59 but I had a $5 discount code. The base value of this works out at around £42, bumped up to £59 with the customs fee I paid.

The outer packaging for this collection is gorgeous and I wish I could keep it but I have no use for it.

The Zodiac palette

CP Zodiac 04

This is the item I’ve seen the most reviews for but I was initially a bit underwhelmed when Kathleen revealed this on her channel. The colours are nice and I get that she wanted to create a cohesive palette but it doesn’t really inspire me. I feel like these shades might work better alongside another palette (and it’s kind of marketed as a sister palette to her previous Dream Street collab) but the packaging is so pretty I don’t want to take the shades out.

CP Zodiac 03

CP Zodiac 02

The lipsticks

CP Zodiac 01

I love the formula of the lux lipsticks I already own so I was excited to try these. The shades are simple- a nude and a pinky nude but these are very wearable, everyday shades for me so it’s nice to have them.

The supernova shadows

CP Zodiac 09

I only own one shade from the original collection of these and I do enjoy it but it’s not really an everyday shade. The gold shade probably fits into the less wearable category for me too but I think it is really pretty for the right occasion!

The highlights

CP Zodiac 08

I’ve never tried their supershock highlights before so I’m not sure what to expect or how to best apply these but the shades look very pretty!


Overall, I think this is a great collection and Kathleen has done really well with it but it’s not really anything new if you already own similar products. If you’re not completely in love with everything, it’s probably only worth picking up a couple of items and not the whole collection. I’m still trying everything out so hopefully I’ll talk about these more on my blog in the future!

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