PS…Pure Highlighter Artic Ice Review

I always get excited when Primark launch a new highlighter. I get excited about a lot of their new beauty launches but I feel like highlight is one thing they always do incredibly well, and with a £3 price tag, I decided this latest one from their Pure line was worth trying out.


I love highlight but I currently have enough to keep me looking like a disco ball for the next 12 years so I am trying to be more selective with what I buy. For £3 though…there was no way this beauty was staying in the shop.


Let’s just point out the obvious and say this hexagonal design is giving me serious Fenty Beauty vibes. They had other items in the new Pure range that also have this shape like a lipstick and it’s so pretty but I wish it wasn’t made of that mirrored plastic stuff. I’ve already scratched mine so it looks kind of cheap and it’s going to get covered in makeup smears. Inside though, you do a decent mirror which I appreciate.



What else can I say? This is £3!



I have the shade Arctic Ice which is a silvery pink colour. This was the only one they had in my Primark but the shade sticker labelling does make me think there are probably more of these beauties out in the wonder that is larger Primark stores. If you’re paler than me, you’ll probably need to go lightly with this to avoid it looking streaky on your face as it is on the darker side.



This is a blinding highlight. You can sort of tell just by looking at it what sort of highlight it’s going to be and it doesn’t disappoint. Applied lightly with my Zoeva highlight brush, this gives a gorgeous metallic sheen to the skin, but it really becomes that blinding wet look glow if you build up the product.


This lasts surprisingly well for a cheaper highlight and I was still looking glowy after a full day at work. I don’t like the texture quite as much as say my Becca or Ofra highlights but I was really impressed with this and I know I will reach for it just as much.

What are your thought on this highlight?


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