ColourPop x Kathleen Lights The Zodiac Palette Review

Since posting my first impressions of the Zodiac Collection, the palette is the item I’ve used the most so I’ve put together my full thoughts in this review.


The Zodiac theme looks stunning on this packaging and is the only reason I haven’t yet depotted the shades. The palette comes in an outer black box printed with the zodiac signs and the palette itself is cardboard like other CP palettes but navy blue and featuring the same zodiac theme printed in gold. The palette also includes a mirror, which is a nice touch but not essential for me personally.

CP Zodiac 04


This retails for $18, allowing for customs fees etc. I’d consider that to be pretty much £18, which is on the higher end of affordable palettes to me.


I’ll admit I wasn’t initially wowed by these colours when Kathleen first revealed this palette. She wanted each shade to represent a sign of the zodiac but still create a cohesive and usable palette, and I’m not sure that idea really works.


zodiac palette swatches

The colours all swatch really well and I think most of them do look a bit more inspiring when I see them like this rather than how they look laid out in the palette.


Like my other CP palettes, I was really impressed with the formula of these. They apply smoothly, blend nicely and last well on the eyes.

While the shimmers are one-swipe stunning, some of the mattes take a bit more work like the blue shade The Aquarius. The transition browns The Virgo and The Taurus are actually some of my favourites to use and the shimmers are all beautiful.


If your collection is missing colours like these, you should absolutely go check this out but if you’re not interested in the shades, I’m probably not going to change your mind.

I like the idea behind this and I think Kathleen did a great job but the overall concept makes the palette look a little messy and uninspiring. It is marketed as a companion palette, namely to the previous KL and CP collaboration Dream Street palette, which I also really like and I can see how they would work together. The only thing stopping me combining them into a magnetic palette is the gorgeous zodiac packaging!

What are your thoughts on this palette and the Zodiac collection?



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