Too Faced Natural Face Palette Review

I’ve done a lot of reviews on my blog recently, but a fair few of them have been eyeshadow palettes so I’m excited to be reviewing the Too Faced Natural Face palette for you today.

CB 17


One of the major differences between drugstore and highend products is the packaging, and Too Faced don’t disappoint with this face palette as it comes in a very sturdy case with a clasp opening and a beautiful vintage design on the front. For a palette that’s seemingly ideal for travel, the packaging is a little on the bulky side but it looks very unique and pretty.


This retails for £35 in the UK, for 23g of product. While this is obviously a lot pricier than something I’d usually purchase, I think it’s priced about right a highend brand and it’s a good deal for the amount of product and the different shades you’re getting.


The palette comes with 2 highlights, 2 blushers and 2 bronzers, though you could use them for any purpose you desire. All the shades are quite pigmented so you do need to go in with a light hand for some of them



Due to the pigment of some of these shades, they do need to be applied lightly. If you have very pale skin, you might find them a little too warm. For beginners, I would say this palette is probably going to be difficult to work with but they look beautiful on the skin when you do get them to work!

Overall, I think this is a fab little palette if you like warm-toned face powders. It’s not a palette that will work on all skin tones though unfortunately and on some, it will look anything but natural!

8 thoughts on “Too Faced Natural Face Palette Review

  1. I got this palette over the summer and it was perfect summer wear. However, I am finding that even on my not overly pale skin, I am needing to move away from it as the weather turns. That’s ok, I’ll be thrilled to pull it out again in the late spring!

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  2. I love this palette! I’m quite pale so I mostly use the sunny honey bronzer, the other one is too dark for me except in the summer. But the shades are so smooth! I love the starlight highlighter. Great post xx

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