Queen of Hearts Inspired Affordable Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Welcome to my first Halloween look of 2018! For this look, I wanted to channel the Queen of Hearts and set myself the challenge of sticking to affordable products.

Queen of Hearts makeup 02

You will need: small angled brush and small detail brush, varying shades of matte brown eyeshadow, matte black shadow and matte red, red liquid shadow or red glitter, black liquid liner, black pencil liner, mascara or lashes, nude liner, concealer, deep red lipstick, usual brow and base products

Step one

Start by defining the shape of the eyes with a deep brown shadow and a small angled brush. I wanted to create a dramatic, cartoon-like look so I did this by taking the shadow slightly higher than my natural crease and winging it out at the corner.

Step two

To make the eye shape look natural, you will need to keep building and blending so I just defused with a clean fluffy brush and went back to that angled brush and a lighter brown shade. You want this to look like a shadow around your eyes so take your time and keep blending. When I was happy with it, I added a tiny amount of black and blended once more.

Queen of Hearts makeup 03

Step three

On a small detailer brush, take some concealer and start to fill in the eye shape we’ve just created. You can use this chance to correct any mistakes you made and neaten up the shape.

Step four

Now take your liquid red shadow or glitter. If you’re using glitter, you might need to tap some glitter primer on first. On a small detailer brush again, fill in the eyes over the concealer.

Step five

Finish off the eyes with black liquid liner along the upper lash line, I also traced the wing at the bottom. Fill in the outer waterline and tightline with black pencil liner, using a nude liner in the inner part to open the eyes. I also blended a little red shadow on the lower lash line, so it meets the black liner. Add mascara or lashes.

Queen of Hearts makeup 01

Step six

Do your brows as normal. I personally opted for a precise, sharp look as I think it works with the theme of the look well.

Step seven

Apply whatever foundation you’re using. I’ve got a bit of a tan going on at the moment so I opted for my tanned shade but you could also use a white base or lighter foundation to give this a more spooky feel. Use concealer and set as normal.

Step eight

The rest of my base was pretty much how I would do it anyway but I tried to contour for a more defined look and also contoured my nose. I went for a pinky-toned highlight and a deep bronzey blush to keep the look dramatic.

Queen of Hearts makeup 04

Step nine

When your base is done, add a little heart wherever you want it on your face with either your pencil or liquid liner. I placed this just below my left eye.

Step ten

The final touch is the lips! Use a lip liner brush or any small brush and a dark red lipstick to draw a heart shape in the centre of your lips so the cupid’s bow forms the top of the heart. I also used concealer to block out the rest of lips.

Optional step eleven

If you want to make it a bit more spooky, you can also draw stitches at the sides of your mouth with a black pencil liner. To do this, just draw a line at the edge of your lips on each side and curve it upwards slightly. Then draw a cross or star shape at the end of the line and somewhere in the middle to make it appear like stitches.

Queen of Hearts makeup stitches

Products used:

Eyes: Soph x Revolution Extra Spice palette, ColourPop Supernova Shadow in Hard to Empress, Soap & Glory Supepcat Liner, Avon Glimmerstick in Blackest Black, L’Oreal Paradise Mascara, ColourPop No Filter Concealer

Brows: Revolution Pro Brow Pomade in Ash Brown, Essence Make Me Brow

Base: Revolution Pro Prime & Hydrate, L’Oreal True Match Foundation in 3W, PS…My Perfect Colour Concealer in Ivory, e.l.f Under Eye Setting Powder

Face: wet n wild Contour Palette, Revolution x Soph Highlight Palette (gold and pink shade mixed), Kiko Waves Blush 02

Lips: PS…Lustre Lipstick in Lava

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