Revolution Pro Supreme Gloss Lip Pigment Review shade Ultimatum

The last time I reviewed a single lip shade was during my obsession with the Primark Rosewood Mauve lipstick (well, I still am obsessed with it….) but having purchased one of the new Revolution Pro Supreme Gloss Lip Pigments without hearing anything about them, I decided to put up a review for you beauties.

Revolution Pro Supreme gloss 05


The packaging of these lip glosses is really pretty and similar to the liquid lipsticks they released with the launch of the brand. The clear plastic lets you see the colour of the product inside, though it is harder to spot the name of the shade as it’s hidden away on a sticker on the lid.

Revolution Pro Supreme gloss 04


At £4, the retail price is the same as the liquid lipsticks and very reasonable. You get 2.5ml of product in here, which isn’t a lot compared to other brands. The Fenty Gloss Bomb, for example, is £16 for 10ml so the price is equal to that. Personally, I probably wouldn’t use 10ml of gloss so I’d prefer to pay less for less product but it’s worth bearing in mind.


I picked up the shade Ultimatum, which is a gorgeous deep berry colour. This gloss is incredibly pigmented which I wasn’t expecting. It’s more like a lipstick with a glossy finish than a traditional sheer gloss.

Revolution Pro Supreme gloss 03


It comes with a standard doe foot applicator the same as their liquid lipsticks. The nature of the gloss makes it a little bit harder to apply or it is for me but I’m not the best with this sort of applicator anyway. It does look better if you use a lip liner!


With this being a gloss, I wasn’t expecting it to have much lasting power but I was seriously impressed! While the glossiness definitely disappears after eating or drinking, it still leaves behind that gorgeous plum pigment that comes from how opaque it is when you first apply it.

L: gloss when first applied, R: after eating/drinking

Overall, I’m surprised by how much I like this lip gloss as a non-gloss person. The pigment is crazy and I like that I can apply it and not have to worry too much about reapplying. The only negative I can think of is that it obviously transfers when you’re drinking etc. and can get quite messy. One day I somehow ended up with it all over my hands (but my lips still looked great!)

Will you be picking up any of these glosses?

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