TonyMoly Magic Food Banana Sleeping Pack Review

I bloody love skincare but there’s a certain lack of it on my blog that I think needs to change. Enter this review of the TonyMoly Magic Food Banana Sleeping Pack!



Obviously we’re going to talk about this. It’s a banana! An actual banana-shaped squeezy tube with a plastic lid and rubber bottle. I imagine this is a massive selling point for everyone like me who is sucked in by cute packaging. It doesn’t stand up because of the shape but I love pulling this out of my drawer or it still looks cute on a bedside table.


Being a Korean brand, the UK price varies quite a lot and it’s currently priced between £8-£16 depending on where you buy it. If you prefer to buy from official UK retailers like Beauty Bay, expect to pay the top end £15.50 but if you don’t mind waiting for your order, it’s more around the £8 mark on YesStyle.



The cream is very thick and feels quite sticky when first applied. I often have trouble with the squeezy tube and accidentally disperse too much product which is wasteful but I think that’s just me! This cream has a very strong scent like banana sweets which I find nostalgic but you may want to skip this one if you’re not a fan of that artificial banana smell.



This sleeping pack does the job of keeping my skin soft but it can look a little greasy the morning after using it because it’s so thick. I recently read that you’re supposed to wash it off your face in the morning which I hadn’t consciously been doing other than the usual toner or cleanser I might use so that might change my opinion of how greasy it is.

Overall, the banana sleeping pack is very moisturising but I can only use it a couple of times a week because of my skin type (combination with oily t-zone and prone to breakouts). I think if you have drier skin, you’ll probably love this but it’s just a little too heavy for me.

Have you tried this? x


5 thoughts on “TonyMoly Magic Food Banana Sleeping Pack Review

  1. I don’t like it when sleeping treatments get smeared all over the pillow. As this one sounds quite thick, I’m guessing it might. But it could also be something you leave on for a few hours on a pamper night in and then wash off before bedtime. In that case, it would be something I’d like to try!

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