Makeup I Need to Stop Buying

I got the idea for this over on YouTube from DramaticMac here

We all have those types of products that don’t work for us or that we never reach for, but I seem to keep repurchasing these things even though I know they won’t get the love they deserve! Read on to find out what makeup products I should really stop buying.


Liquid Highlighters

I think it’s time I accepted that liquid highlights generally just don’t work for me and stop buying them thinking that it’s going to be different to my previous experiences. I feel like I could make them work if I really applied myself to the makeup but who has time for that? I want instant glow and go!

Waterproof Mascaras

I always like to have a waterproof mascara in my collection, you know, just in case. Just in case what!? Am I planning on going scuba diving with a full face on? Fact is, I have so many non-waterproof mascaras that are still good enough to survive a bit of rain and that’s pretty much all the moisture I’m ever going to face whilst wearing makeup. I need to stop cracking open tubes of this stuff just for it sit and dry up my collection when I remember how much I hate waterproof formulas.

Silicone primers

I’m obsessed with testing primers at the moment and I think I was once a fan of the silicone-based primer to mattify my skin at its oiliest. I have combination skin so I only really need to keep certain parts of my face shine-free and I’m not all about multi-priming. Sometimes when I see a silicone primer I haven’t tried though I’m still rushing to purchase it, just in case it’s different to all the others I’ve tried.

Loose pigments

Look at how full all the pigments I have are! That’s because I never reach for any of them. Ever. Like I hardly use single eyeshadows at all apart from liquid shadows but pigments are the worst because no eye look is stunning enough to be worth all that mess and hassle of applying it and it actually behaving how I want. I even picked up the NYX Mixing Medium a while back to try and solve the problem but that just adds an extra step to a process I’m already too lazy for. As stunning as these are, it’s time I gave up loose pigments. And let’s not even talk about glitter…


Liquid eyeliner

The one pictured is a mini of the Kat Von D liner everyone seems to love and in fairness, I find the brush tip on this much easier to get along with than a lot of liquid liners but, even if I didn’t suck at winged liner, I just don’t think it particularly suits me. Maybe I’m doing it wrong. Like I probably am doing it wrong but no matter how many of these I buy, I just can’t get it to work for me. Time to give up!

So, that’s my list of products I need to stop purchasing! Do you have any products like this?



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