Let’s Talk: Used Makeup

Did anyone else know that you’re not allowed to sell used cosmetics on Depop? Like, is this common knowledge and I’ve completely misunderstood the purpose of the buying and selling app? Virtually all the makeup for sale on there is used in some way, even if it’s just swatched so have people just been dodging this rule the whole time?

After a makeup declutter, I was left with several barely-used items that I’d paid a lot of money for and went in search of a better home for them on Depop, thinking this was the point having seen other bloggers and YouTubers use it for exactly this reason and having browsed the app myself before.

Within half an hour of listing some products including Morphe palettes and a Lime Crime lipstick that hadn’t worked out for me, I was hit with an email from Depop informing me that my post had been taken down due to infringement of their rules.

In fairness, I had never even glanced over the rules having made the assumption that Depop was the place to sell used cosmetics. According to the email, all makeup that has been removed from packaging and swatched or tested at all is considered used and therefore not allowed to be sold. It’s because of hygiene and safety reasons, of course, and is the same reason why you can’t donate opened cosmetics to charity shops, either.

I personally wouldn’t give someone else a used mascara or something like that which can easily contain bacteria and can’t be sanitized but I don’t really see the issue with something like a swatched eyeshadow palette.

I’m forever envious of the returns policies issued by some US stores like Sephora as makeup in the UK can only be returned if it’s still sealed and unused. That means I do end up with a lot of lipsticks that don’t suit me, foundations in the wrong shade and palettes that don’t work out along with all the stuff I just stop using or don’t reach for.

So, what can you do with used cosmetics?

I’m now left with several items that I thought I would at least try and sell before considering other options. And remaining options are few, anyway.

Give items to family and friends

I’ve done this a few times before but none of my friends are big makeup lovers and I wouldn’t expect to take money from them- which is obviously the advantage of selling.

Donate to a women’s shelter

This is definitely an option I’m interested in but it’s not currently the most accessible.

Host a used products giveaway

How do people feel about these? I would only want to give away items that are practically new but I guess it still poses the same hygiene risks as selling.

Try to sell them elsewhere

The only way I can think of is if Facebook groups etc. allow this (not sure if they do) and at carboot sales and that kind of thing.

How do you feel about used makeup? Have you or would you buy makeup that had already been swatched or tried?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Amber x

2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk: Used Makeup

  1. There are plenty of Facebook groups that allow you to do this. For some more expensive items they sometimes ask for proof of purchase, which you may not still have if you didn’t just buy the item. I haven’t bought or sold anything that way, but it’s definitely a thing.
    I wouldn’t mind for something like a foundation or swatched palette, but I see people selling used lip products and that’s not something I’d want to do.

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