Primark PS…Matte Lipstick Vault Review

It’s rare I leave Primark these days without picking up at least one new thing from their beauty range. The latest launch I’ve spotted is this matte lip vault, featuring 10 shades of their newest matte lipstick formula.

I got their matte vs lustre set last year and have a few of their lipsticks in the new lustre formula but I’m yet to try the mattes so this set seemed a great option for me. In my store, they also had the lustre vault which obviously featured 10 lipsticks in the lustre formula but I resisted the urge to pick that one up because I already had a few of the shades.

Primark Matte Lipstick vault


I think Primark did really well on the packaging of this vault considering they’re a budget brand. It comes in a fairly sturdy box with a matte finish. The Lustre version had a shiny box too which I thought was a nice touch!


The set retails for £12 for 10 lipsticks. Their matte lipsticks usually cost £1.50 each, so you’re saving £3. Nothing major but I think that’s pretty decent when you factor in the cost of the packaging as well. I did think it was odd though that the lustre vault was also priced at £12 when the lustre lipsticks individually only cost 90p, meaning you’d actually be paying £3 extra to buy the set…



Personally, I would have liked to see something a little more exciting with the shade selection. The set feels like mostly nudes and pinky nudes with only a couple of deeper shades. Most of the true nudes look like concealer lips on me but the standout shades for me are the red Limbo, the burgundy shade Bad Blood and the mauve Vintage Rose.


The only shade I haven’t swatched here is the palest nude Naked because I know it won’t suit me but the others are in reverse order as they come in the box.

Primark matte lipstick vault swatches

And a couple on my lips:


Bad Blood:


As with pretty much all matte lipsticks, some shades feel more matte than others and some shades are more pigmented than others. I haven’t given every shade a full wear test yet but the ones I have tried have been fairly impressive in colour and longevity. I still think I prefer their lustre formula but that’s just personal preference.


Overall, I think the vault is a fantastic idea. It can be difficult to track some shades down individually and different stores seem to have different things etc. If you’re a fan of Primark lipsticks, this set is a great Christmas gift idea or present to yourself. If you’ve never tried the formula, I’d recommend picking one of their individual lipsticks up first. As far as I’m aware, these are all shades from their general single release collection but I know I haven’t seen all of these shades in my store so it may vary.

What do you think of this collection? x


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