The Best Primers on the Market

Finding the right makeup primer can be a challenge, particularly if you’re unsure what you want in a primer. This will follow the same format as my post on liquid eyeshadows in that I’ll talk about which primer I think is best for which purpose.


Best for…hydration

Revolution Pro Prime & Hydrate (£7, Superdrug)

This is my current go-to primer as it’s moisturising and just does the job. The texture and coconut scent of this reminds me of the Too Faced Hangover primer but I always felt like my makeup looked weird at the end of the day whenever I used that one? Anyway, I can’t say I’ve noticed a great deal of difference in how my makeup lasts with the Revolution Pro one but it doesn’t make my makeup look weird.

Best for…pore-smoothing

Benefit Porefessional (£26, Look Fantastic)

I only have the mini of this at the moment but I’ve found this to be the best one if you’re looking for something to smooth out your pores. When I do use this, I tend to tap it over the areas where my pores are largest and then use a different primer on the rest of my face. Using this consistently all over my face leaves me looking a little flat and I’m always worried about breakouts.


Best for…illuminating

Lancome Prep & Hydrate (£28, Debenhams)

This is a newly-discovered touch of luxury to my makeup routine and I just love it! It’s already heading for favouritesville so expect to see more of this on my blog but it just gives me skin that illuminated look without being greasy or shiny.

Best for…budget-friendly

MUA Pro Base Moisturising Primer (£4, Superdrug)

I’m not sure if MUA are discontinuing this and replacing with their new tea tree primer but this is still available currently and I’m guessing the new one is just repackaged because it’s the same price and the ingredients look identical? I love using this before cosplay or SFX makeup because I feel like it creates a smooth canvas and also protects my skin from pesky staining facepaints etc. whilst still hydrating my skin.

Best for…mattifying

L’Oreal Infallible Mattifying Base (£8.99, Superdrug)

I’m not a big fan of silicone primers but if you’re in the market for one, I do recommend L’Oreal’s offering. This keeps my face super smooth and matte, but I tend to only use it on my nose and any oily areas these days.

While there are plenty of other primers I could have mentioned, I think these five cover all bases when it comes to getting the most from your primer.

What are your favourite primers? I love trying new ones!

Amber x


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