M&S Formula Ultimate Skincare Gift

I said that I was going to do more skincare on my blog, with the idea being that I could use up my already excessive collection of cleansers, serums and creams. In my defence, I ended up purchasing the M&S Formula set because I needed to spend £35 to qualify for their advent calendar and it looked like the best value.

I did even consider giving this away as a gift but I just can’t think of anyone I like quite this much…so here I am giving you my initial impressions of this skincare set.

First of all, this would make a perfect gift. Marks & Spencers get luxury right, don’t they? It comes in a gorgeous gold box with a purple ribbon and it cost just £30 with an impressive £75.80 retail value.


Hyaluronic Acid Brightening Hot Cloth Cleanser- 200ml (RRP £11)

I love hot cloth cleansers! This comes with a pump and includes the little cloth as well which is great.

Serum Elixir- 30ml (RRP £21)

This is in a heavy black glass bottle that just feels so damn expensive to hold. I love that it’s called an elixir too. Yet to put this to the test but I’m excited.

Restore Neck and Décolleté Cream- 50ml (RRP £13.50)

This isn’t something I’d think to buy for myself but I’m in my late twenties now and want to make sure I’m taking care of the skin on my neck so a welcome skin treat.


Absolute Ultimate Sleep Cream- 50ml (RRP £22)

I’ve heard amazing reviews of this night cream so I’m expecting big things, okay? Like if a tiny string quartet emerges from the pot and plays mesmerising lullabies to me, I’ll be happy. I’ll also settle for great skin.

Absolute All in One Cream SPF20- 15ml (RRP roughly £6.30)

This is the only product that comes in a sample size that doesn’t seem to be available separately but the full 50ml size retails for £21.


For £30, I think this set is unbelievable value for money. The sample-sized day cream seems odd to me since everything else if full size but it feels like an extra product since you’re already saving money with the cost of everything else. I think it would have benefited from an eye cream to try but I’m glad I bought this set.

It’s out of stock online currently so not sure if they will be getting more in for Christmas but it would certainly make a great present.








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