Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink vs L’Oreal Chocolats Ultra Matte Lipstick

I probably wouldn’t have thought to compare the formula of these two matte liquid lipsticks but I realised after picking up the Maybelline one in the shade Pioneer that it’s almost identical to the L’Oreal in Tasty Ruby and set about putting them to the test.



Both of these come in standard liquid lipstick plastic tubes. I would say the L’Oreal has the luxe edge here with a gold lid, gold writing and a frosted plastic tube compared to the fairly basic Maybelline with its white lid and plastic tube coloured a close shade match to the lipstick rather than being clear.


These both come in at the higher end of drugstore pricing with Maybelline’s Matte Ink retailing for £9.99 for 5ml and L’Oreal £8.99. I can’t find the exact amount of product you get in here but it seems to be around 7ml, meaning you’re paying slightly less for more product if my maths is correct.



I’d say both of these have unusual applicators- slightly different but both kind of teardrop-shaped with the L’Oreal being a bit more curved. I’m not great at applying liquid lipsticks but I think the shape with both of these is meant to make application easier.


Here comes the real test: with both of these lipsticks, I can eat and drink with minimal fading from my lips. Having done the half and half comparison a couple of times now, they’re pretty even for wear time too. These really don’t budge easily and I honestly can’t pick a winner!


Can you see any difference? Maybelline on the left, L’Oreal on the right

Overall, I really like the formula of both of these liquid lipsticks and can’t really rate one as better than the other in this particular test. I do think the Maybelline range makes a lot more sense in terms of the shades available and I’m definitely interested in picking up some more colours whereas the current range in the L’Oreal is mostly just varying shades of brown.

6 thoughts on “Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink vs L’Oreal Chocolats Ultra Matte Lipstick

  1. Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much for the dupe suggestion., i was like dying to get the shade tasty ruby, and ifit is similar to pioner, then hallelujah …i have the maybelline..though i am thinking will it be any different on my nc 42 skin tone.


    1. Hey! I never thought about skin tones but I guess the colour is so similar it would just like the same as the Maybelline looks on you. The Loreal one is a nice formula still though but I tend to wear the Maybelline more.


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