5 Eyeshadows Palettes I’ll Never Declutter

I’m pretty good about doing regular makeup declutters, and despite being a massive hoarder of eyeshadow palettes I actually hardly wear eyeshadow so it would be easy for me to cut down on my collection if only I had the willpower!

While looking through my collection I realised that so many of my palettes don’t hold a safe place there and this got me thinking about which eyeshadow palettes are likely to always survive the chop when it comes to my next ruthless declutter.

Anastasia Beverly Hils Soft Glam

ABH soft glam 04

This palette is my baby and I’ll love it forever. It’s my only ABH palette so all the shades are new to me but it’s just so usable and wearable for everyday with that added touch of glam as the name would suggest. The size is convenient for travel, the formula is great and I just reach for this a lot.

Revolution x Soph Extra Spice


This is probably my favourite affordable eyeshadow palette. I liked the first Soph x Revolution collaboration palette but the shades in this appeal to me a little more, it’s a good size and I have most of the shades I need for everyday looks and glam looks in here.

Juvia’s Place Masquerade


A palette that I don’t reach for too often but one that always surprises me. I love the mix of bright and neutral and it’s a good size for me (I have the mini version). I don’t own many palettes with bright shades like this, at least not shimmers, so that’s one reason for me to keep it but it’s also probably the most pigmented palette I own.

Revolution Reloaded


This isn’t my favourite formula ever but it’s a fantastic budget option at just £4 and I love having this in my collection because I don’t have these shades in any other palette. This is the one that’s meant to dupe ABH Subculture so if you own that or anything with similar shades you don’t need this but for me, it means I don’t have to buy pricier palettes because I don’t use colours like these that often.

Morphe x Jaclyn Hill

Jaclyn Hill palette

The irony is I have thought about decluttering this, not because it’s bad but because I never use it. And then every time I do, I remember it’s a great palette. I know this isn’t the cheapest at £37 but the quality is incredible and you are getting a lot of shades for that. For me, I just don’t really use larger palettes like this much but if I only keep one, it’s going to be this and I know it will see me through any occasion.

Which eyeshadow palettes would you never declutter? x


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