ColourPop Disney Designer Collection

I’m definitely late to the reviewing party on this but I kept missing out on the restock

First up, I’ll briefly address the negativity surrounding this collaboration with some people pointing out that the lipstick shades don’t match the princesses as they are in their movies, or commenting on the princesses who are or aren’t included. I think some people aren’t aware that this collab is based on Disney’s Designer Dolls collection and the princesses and the way they appear etc. is all based on the dolls. I would be excited to see other characters used in future collections though!


Kiss the Girl Lip Kit- $42


This kit comes with all six lipstick shades released, which is great because there was always at least one shade sold out when I wanted to buy them individually.

I already know I love the Lux Lipstick formula and these don’t disappoint. The packaging update is stunning and I’m glad I get on with all of the colours as I was worried about the pink shades Cinderella and Jasmine. I think the nude Ariel is probably the one that suits me the least, which is a shame as Ariel is my favourite princess!

ColourPop Disney lipstick swatches

It’s a Princess Thing Palette- $20


I wasn’t blown away by this when I first saw the pictures but it did look more impressive in the swatches and I really wanted to get it for Disney collection purposes. I have to admit, the shades are way more impressive than they look in the pan and I’ve been loving this palette for everything from natural everyday looks to the more glitzy glam.


I also picked up one of the ultra glossy lips which I forgot to photograph but it’s a great gloss formula too!

Overall, I’m really impressed with this collection. As A Disney lover, I’m excited to have these in my collection anyway but I was pleasantly surprised by how well the eyeshadows perform and how pretty the lipstick shades are.

Have you tried anything from this collection? Let me know your thoughts!

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