Products I Regret Purchasing

With the number of products I try as a blogger, there are bound to be some that don’t work out for me for whatever reason. Today’s blog is going to be about a few of those product regrets and why I regret purchasing them.

BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfecter Pressed in Rose Quartz

CB 15

I’ll start by saying I love Becca highlights- Opal and Champagne Pop are two of my favourite shades and I was going through a pink highlighter phase when I bought this. It doesn’t perform bad or anything but the shade isn’t really for me and I just don’t get the use out of it to justify that £32 price tag.

Tarte Sweet Escape Collector’s Set and Eyeshadow Palette


I was so excited to get this. Yes the packaging is ridiculous and I didn’t expect to be reaching for it every day but if the bulky packaging wasn’t enough to have me storing this far out of sight and reach, the formula just isn’t that great. It’s nice but the shadows aren’t anything special and they haven’t lasted on my eyes well any time I’ve tried it.

Revolution Pressed Glitter Palette


I love glitter but let’s get real: the only way I’m ever going to need a whole palette of pressed glitters is if I get a job as an actual glitter ball. And even then, I have pressed glitters that just work better for me. Picking this one up was definitely a bad decision on my part but I just couldn’t resist the sparkle!

Color Wow Dream Lengths


I have super thick, curly hair with a tenancy to frizz more than I’d like so I wasn’t expecting this to actually transform my hair like in their marketing images but I just feel like it doesn’t work for me at all? Maybe I’m doing something wrong but the only positive of this is that it helps my hair look a little less frizzy than it normally would after blow drying. The product is heat activated so getting out the hairdryer is a must but I am generally an air drying person unless I’m in a rush to go out or something, in which case I probably would still have to straighten it so there’s not much point to this…

If you’ve tried any of these products, please let me know what you thought of them!

Amber x

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