Who Run the World?


0% originality for the title but today is International Women’s Day and what better way to celebrate than with a post all about the positivity of women.

Women are bloody marvellous, aren’t they? In all industries, you’ll come across negativity but I feel like blogging and the beauty community makes us all vulnerable to judgement and hate. Putting content out there as a beauty blogger can sometimes make us feel like we’re competing with other, often female, creators.

International Women’s Day for me serves as a reminder for women to support each other. We’re put in situations every day where the norm is to judge, criticise and put other women down to get where we want. And women deal with enough crap already; we don’t need that from each other.

I’m lucky enough to have grown up with inspiring women to support and encourage me from the role models we see on TV to the truly amazing women who shaped my life. Rogue from the X-Men animated series taught me that women can be superheroes, my wonderful mum taught me to be kind, my best friends are inspirational every day.

Women are incredible, and we should all celebrate that.

Happy International Women’s Day!


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