Revolution Eye Glisten Review

With seemingly every brand jumping on the liquid eyeshadow train over the last couple of years, I’m surprised it’s taken this long for Revolution to release their Eye Glistens. These eye duos feature a liquid shadow on one side and a glitter on the other. As a big fan of the Touch in Sol Metallist collection, which these look strikingly similar to, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on these.

Revolution Eye Glisten


Like the Touch in Sol version, the Revolution Eye Glistens come in double-ended clear plastic packaging with a liquid shadow on one side and a glitter on the other. Both sides have an identical doe foot applicator.



These retail for £6 each from Superdrug, Beauty Bay and the Revolution website in the UK. While cheaper liquid eyeshadow products do exist from budget brands like Collection and Essence, I think this is a good price with 2.2ml of product in each side.


I have three of the five currently available in the shades Dreamland (bronzey gold), It’s Fate (champagne) and Yours Truly (pink). All the shades are very wearable and pretty. I would have liked to see something a bit more vibrant and different but realistically, these are more the shades I would wear.



The performance of this product is sadly where things start to go wrong. The liquid eyeshadow side is great and all three of the shades I have look metallic and foiled on the eye, but I just can’t get the glitters to work. Applied over the top of the liquid shadow which is how they’re intended to be used, the glitter is patchy and just removes the colour underneath when I try to build it up. Applied alone, the glitter is pretty but still needs a lot of work and even then still looks patchy.

Wear time

I haven’t been happy enough with the glitter to wear that on my eyes for any length of time but the liquid eyeshadow lasts fairly well, reaching around 6-7 hours on me before it fades. I’m happy to report that it is more of a fade as well; it doesn’t crack and look horrible by the end of the day and I don’t end up with it all over my face.

Overall, I was so excited for these because the idea of finding a drugstore dupe for the Touch in Sol product is amazing but they didn’t quite meet my expectations. Nice just for the liquid eyeshadow shade if you know that’s what you’re getting but I’d avoid these if you’re looking for a glitter.

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