Collection Glam Crystal Liners Review

I love glitter but I never get chance to use it. Even if I’m doing a glam look, it can be messy and time-consuming to apply. So when an affordable brand like Collection launches a glitter option in the form of their Glam Crystal Liners, I was eager to try.



These come in standard clear plastic tubes so you can see the colour of the glitter inside. They have a plain black lid which houses the applicator- a slim brush tip.



Priced at just £2.99 in the UK, these glitter liners offer exceptional value and can be picked up from Boots and Superdrug.


I have three of these in the shades Glitz (pure silver), Funk (gold) and Hustle (silver with rainbow flecks). I’m not sure what shades are available as it looks like these have been repackaged and they used to do brighter colours too but I can’t find them all online.



The Collection Glam Crystal Liners can be applied as either a liner or an all-over-the-lid glitter. The brush applicator is very soft and flexible, making it easy to cover the entire lid but quite tricky to get a precise line if, like me, you lack fine motor skills. I find it best to dip the product onto a stiffer eyeliner brush if I want to use it for that purpose.

Glitz applied all over the eye over a silver eyeshadow:


There is a little glitter fallout, as you  can expect, but it’s really nothing too crazy and these are pretty long lasting on the eyes. What I really like is how easy they are to remove, too. Glitter is notoriously difficult and I normally notice specks of it all over my face about 855887 years after using it but with these, it’s really not that bad.


I think these are great glitter liners and incredible for the price. I like the versatility they offer. The only issue I have is with using the brush for liner but I can get around that and I think people with better eyeliner skills than me won’t have a problem.

I really recommend picking these up if you’re into glitter!

3 thoughts on “Collection Glam Crystal Liners Review

  1. Great post!! I have the gold shade and it’s such a good deal for £2.99!! I normally wear mine is like an actual glitter eyeliner but I really love what you’ve done with applying it all over the lid!xx

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