How to Write Like a Beauty Blogger

A rare blog background post from me, this time on writing advice for beauty bloggers. Writing style is something I get complimented on a lot, but it is part of my job role and something that comes easily to me.

Not all bloggers are natural writers (just like we’re not all natural photographers!) but getting your style right can make a big difference to your content.

Don’t write like a beauty blogger

I know this is the exact opposite of what you’re thinking, judging by my contradictory title. But the thing about developing a writing style is that it’s yours. Don’t try and mimic the style of another blogger no matter how popular they are or how great their content is. If I wanted to read that, I’d be on their blog and not yours!

Write what you’re passionate about

We’ve all been there. You need to get a blog post up but you’ve only got photos of that lipstick you’re feeling kinda meh about. What do you write?

As bloggers, there are times when we need to be negative as well as positive, and that’s okay as long as you really feel what you write. If you’re just not that into it, don’t write. I’ve forced myself before and it just came across so obviously that I wasn’t interested in what I was saying. That’s a sure way to bore your readers and put them off your blog.

Avoid empty phrases

Similar to the first point about finding your own voice, don’t adopt those common beauty blog phrases we see every day. We’re all guilty of this one, including myself and sometimes they do creep in. For example the phrase “blends like a dream,” I’m sure most people understand what it means but I’d much rather see your own interpretation in your own writing style.

Learn to write

As I said, writing ability doesn’t come naturally to everyone and the community is not going to judge you for misplacing a comma here and there. But having a basic understanding of language will really help. The rule I would apply here is: if it didn’t have a place in your schoolwork, it probably doesn’t have a place on your blog. If you can picture your English teacher taking a red pen to all that unnecessary capitalisation and multiple exclamation points, cut it.

That said, language evolves all the time and part of finding your style is writing like you, so I definitely think there are times when you can bend the rules a bit to sneak in abbreviations or throw some emojis around.

**Disclaimer** this post is intended to provide helpful advice if you’re new to blogging or have limited content writing knowledge. It is purely my opinion and is not there to cause offence.

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