Revolution Cut Crease Canvas Review

Today’s post is a review of the new Revolution Cut Crease Canvas. This eye base product launched along with a standard eye primer in response to beauty bloggers using the popular Revolution Conceal & Define concealer for cut creases. As someone who rarely wears eyeshadow, I’m certainly no cut crease expert but I decided to give this a go.



This comes in a chunky plastic bottle similar to a concealer. I thought I was going to like the packaging of this as it includes a flat brush applicator rather than a doe foot but sadly the brush gets very messy and isn’t usable for me.



This retails for £6 in the UK from Superdrug, Revolution Beauty and Beauty Bay. This in itself is an affordable price, but do consider that you’re getting 4.5ml of product in here, making it more expensive per ml than something like the P.Louise base.


Normally when I use concealer to cut my crease, I have to dab it on with a flat eyeshadow brush so I thought the idea of including an applicator like this within the product was genius. However, I don’t understand how this even got through product testing since the brush instantly becomes covered in the product, making it impossible to apply neatly in this way. I had to resort to using a flat brush like I would with a normal concealer or eye base product, so including the brush applicator was useless.


This did help me easily cut the crease but I tested it out against a normal concealer on opposite eyes and I couldn’t really tell the difference in how my eyeshadows applied or looked. My cut crease skills aren’t the best so I think maybe you’ll be able to tell the difference if you’re a cut crease pro.

Overall, I’m a bit disappointed in this product because its main appeal to me was the brush packaging and that ended up being unusable. I will probably use it up but I think if you’re someone who does cut creases a lot, there are better options on the market.


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